What Country Has the Most Post Offices?

India is the country that has the most post offices, with a total of about 55,015 post offices as of 2009, according to figures from the India Department of Posts. The number of post offices in India is nearly triple the amount that China has, even though China has a larger population - 1.37 billion compared to India’s 1.27 billion, as of 2013.

India’s postal network is comprised of about 90% rural offices. The average office covers service for 8.19 square miles (21.21 sq km) and about 7,175 people. Prior to India’s independence in 1947, most post offices were located in cities; however, they have since expanded their postal system by over seven times its original size.

More about post offices :

  • Nearly 513 million pieces of mail are delivered by the US Postal Service each day.
  • The most efficient postal systems in the world, as measured by letters delivered per employee per day are the US (268,894), Japan (103,149), and Australia (166,776), according to a 2012 British study.
  • Norway is the country with the most expensive postage costs in the world – it cost about $1.67 on average to mail a letter in 2012.

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