What are Wireless Audio Transmitters?

Lakshmi Sandhana
Lakshmi Sandhana
Woman holding an optical disc
Woman holding an optical disc

Wireless audio transmitters are gadgets that allow a person to listen to digital sound files that are stored on a computer or digital music player without being in direct proximity to the computer or device but merely within range of the wireless transmission. There are different types of wireless audio transmitters that work on varying frequencies. Some of them require special receivers, and others can work with an existing stereo system or sound system. Transmitters that use FM radio frequencies don’t need receiving units and will work with any FM radio. The sound quality can vary based on the type of wireless transmission used.

Many people enjoy listening to music or other types of audio while doing things around the house, but few people have a stereo system in each room. To listen from every room, a person must either crank up the volume to a very high level or wear a portable device with headphones. Wireless audio transmitters present better options for many people, because receivers can be placed in many rooms, allowing the user to listen to the same audio files in multiple rooms without the need for high volumes, headphones or connecting cables.

Although FM-based transmitters are comparatively inexpensive, the sound quality varies. Transmissions might pick up noise because of radio signals bouncing off the walls, so the listener might hear a slight hiss or static. Additionally, these transmissions might easily pick up interference from other devices, such as microwave ovens. Advanced models that use different techniques to combat the interference problem do deliver clean sound, but they are also more expensive.

Transmitters that use more advanced methods of wireless transmission generally offer superior sound. They typically have a limited range, however. The audio generally is compressed before transmission in these methods, so there also might be a slight loss in quality, depending upon the level of compression.

Some wireless audio transmitters either use the frequency bandwidth of cordless telephones or a higher frequency range, such as the 5.8 gigaHertz frequency band. There are fewer devices that operate within these ranges, so the signals are more reliable. This can result in better sound quality.

Some wireless audio transmitters also support multiple receivers. This means that users can listen to music in multiple rooms by connecting the wireless audio receivers to stereo systems located in these places. They just need to be within range of the transmitter.

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    • Woman holding an optical disc
      Woman holding an optical disc