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What Are Vanilla Brownies?

H. Bliss
H. Bliss

Vanilla brownies are a sweet dessert dish. Generally, they are brownies made with white chocolate instead of brown chocolates like dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Vanilla flavored brownies that also have chocolate are also sometimes called vanilla brownies. Including some vanilla flavoring in chocolate brownies has a tempering effect, making the chocolate smoother and milder. Like chocolate brownies, vanilla brownies are often baked in a shallow pan and sliced into rectangular servings.

White vanilla brownies are often made using white chocolate or vanilla baking chips rather than chocolate chips. They are sometimes called blonde or light brownies. Other than the omission of cocoa-based chocolate, recipes for vanilla brownies are usually the same as chocolate brownies. Common ingredients in brownies include flour, sugar, and eggs. Vanilla brownies are also sometimes served with nuts.

Vanilla brownies often have chopped walnuts added to them.
Vanilla brownies often have chopped walnuts added to them.

Brownies are popular party foods because they are easy to make and store. Vanilla brownies are especially appealing for people who do not like, or have allergies to, cocoa because it allows them to enjoy the brownie texture experience without the chocolate. Since the recipe is the same as making chocolate brownies without the chocolate, it is easy to make a large batch of brownie base and create both chocolate and vanilla brownies at the same time. Sometimes, the two are mixed or swirled to create a special flavor blend.

Nuts are commonly added to vanilla and chocolate brownies. Many types of nuts are used in brownies. Common nuts used in vanilla brownies include macadamia nuts, walnuts, and cashews. Nuts on brownies are usually chopped and sprinkled on top before baking, but can be mixed in or added whole.

Sometimes, vanilla or white chocolate brownie pieces can be used as ingredients in a modified trifle. A trifle is a dessert constructed of multiple layers of fruit, whipped cream, custard, and cake that is soaked in a dessert liqueur, like brandy. Though a traditional trifle is made with sponge cake, a variation of the trifle includes vanilla brownies instead, which makes the brownie-based modified trifle somewhat heavier than its traditional cousin.

Brownie pans can be divided into a variety of shapes for serving. Though home style brownies are usually served in rectangular servings, store-bought brownies come in a wider variety of sizes. A popular size of brownie, the bite-size brownie, allows snackers to have bite-sized tastes of brownies instead of committing to a whole serving. These smaller brownies often come in plastic buckets for serving as snacks at gatherings.

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    • Vanilla brownies often have chopped walnuts added to them.
      By: dinostock
      Vanilla brownies often have chopped walnuts added to them.