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What Are the Pros and Cons of Tailor-Made Suits?

Alicia Sparks
Alicia Sparks

Most of the pros of tailor-made suits include the exact fit, quality material, and durable construction custom suits can offer. Cons, on the other hand, tend to involve the price and time involved with custom tailoring. Of course, the buyer himself will determine whether these pros and cons of tailor-made suits will positively or negatively affect his decision to purchase one.

Although it’s far from impossible to find an off-the-rack suit that fits well, custom tailoring helps ensure that the suit fits as perfectly as possible, or exactly as the buyer wants it to fit. The same is true of the fabric and construction of custom suits. While it’s possible to find quality, well-made men’s suits at department stores, tailor-made suits usually boast superior fabrics and longer-lasting construction.

Man wearing a tailor-made suit.
Man wearing a tailor-made suit.

Other examples of pros of tailor-made suits include the buyer’s ability to help the tailor create a suit that fits his own personal style. Many off-the-rack suits are styled to reflect current trends, but these trends don’t necessarily flatter every body shape or meet every personal fashion preference. Just as a tailor can create a custom-made suit to reflect current fashion, he can also create one to reflect the buyer’s own tastes.

Tailor-made suits are made to fit a specific set of body measurements.
Tailor-made suits are made to fit a specific set of body measurements.

For some shoppers, the most significant con of purchasing a tailor-made suit is the cost. Usually, tailored suits cost more than off-the-rack suits. Factors that can play a role in the price of tailor-made suits include both the tailoring services themselves and the materials used to make the suit. Too, some tailors only work with a certain selection of materials, and the cost of those materials can increase with quality. Buyers can incur additional costs if extra alterations are necessary, depending on the policies of the tailor or company.

Finding a qualified tailor who charges a reasonable price might be a challenge.
Finding a qualified tailor who charges a reasonable price might be a challenge.

Another con of tailor-made suits is the time involved in creating it. Not only does a custom-made suit require time for the usual fittings and alterations associated with custom tailoring, but also the time involved in finding the right tailor, selecting the suit’s material, and choosing the appropriate color. Also, since not everyone lives near a tailoring business that specializes in men’s suits, travel might pose a problem. Some of these factors might not seem like considerable issues. Yet, given that most custom suits are purchased either for a special occasion like a wedding or for formal occasions in general, seemingly insignificant factors like color potentially can be quite important.

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I like how you pointed out that custom-tailored clothes are good if you want clothes to fit as flawlessly as possible.

We will be attending my sister's wedding next week and want to ensure we have the right suit for her event. I'm glad I came across this article and learned the benefits of a tailored suit.

Thanks for talking about this matter. I'll share this with my partner and see what he thinks about custom-tailored clothes.


We visited Savilerowfashion in summer 2013 for the first time. Now it is a must-go on our holiday list for Bangkok! The suits we ordered are always top quality and feel like a second skin. It is simply amazing how good the team works together with you to create the perfect suit, shirt, pants and also dresses and skirts; for very very fair prices!

You can decide between their variety of fabrics, styles and extra orders - Aron always knows what looks best on every one!

A lot of customers visit the small store daily, but the team cares for you immediately. I love the flair of the store. There are photos of well-known and super-known people wearing Savilerow custom-tailor-made suits, thank you letters on the wall and hundreds of different fabrics. Small but impressive! Great style, great quality, great team!


The tailor I would recommend is Universal tailors on Silom road. They have a great reputation of satisfying clients with best of fabrics and ensure the fit is impeccable. I visited them in Bangkok then met them again on their tour to Paris and on both occasions, I was extremely happy.


As with every other purchase you make, if you make it wisely, you get a good deal. If you are quite stupid with it - well, blame no one but yourself. Tailor made suits are fantastic. They really set you apart from the rest and if you can find the right store to make your clothes (also at an affordable price), you will probably be a lifetime customer.

Bangkok is in fact a great place to do this, as mentioned above. However, choose wisely. There are plenty of scam stories, horror stories and problems with people who have made clothes in Bangkok. If you do your research well, or have a personal recommendation from a friend, go for it. If not, don't walk into the first store that you walk past, because the chances are, you're better off flushing your money down the toilet.

That being said, the store that I do personally recommend out of personal experience, and the fact that I was recommended this store personally by a mate as well is Crown Tailors in Bangkok. They're inside of Sukhumvit Soi 8, and having known them for years now, I wouldn't shop anywhere else.

The team does have a great knowledge of tailoring and they do make my every experience in Bangkok (like this one!) a very pleasant one. Browse though, check them out. I certainly am proud to be a Crown customer.


There are loads of custom tailors in the world. It is like choosing a restaurant. If you are not so particular on the taste, then any normal restaurant should do, but if you know what you like to eat and the taste must be authentic, then you always have to go for the porch or expensive restaurant as they hire pro chefs, but sometime the normal restaurants also do good tasting food with less expensive prices than the luxury high class restaurants.

What I'm trying to explain is that I have tried many custom tailored clothes all around Southeast Asia. Hong Kong has very good tailors but is very pricey comparing to Vietnam, but the workmanship of the Vietnamese tailors is still not good enough, if you compare it with Thailand tailors, but again the main topic here is good quality but reasonable price.

As you know, the economy now is very bad, so nobody would like to spend a lot of money on a suit. I have tried many tailors in Bangkok, like Tony's Fashion House, Narry's, Gulati, Embassy, James Fashion, and I could go on. Some of them the taxi man took me there, some of them I walked down the Skytrain and saw the ads in the magazine, but most of these tailors are so-so in quality of fabric and workmanship but some are very expensive especially James and Embassy. I think it has something to do with the taxi man -- there might be some kickback or some commission. Anyhow, what I'm trying to tell anyone who is going to Bangkok is that there are a few good tailors and not expensive, either. Pierre Boutique on Silom Road very near to the Holiday Inn Silom Road, Parry which is on Silom Road too, just opposite Silom Complex, very pricey but superior workmanship, and The Custom Tailors by Petersen Cerruti, which are also doing very good work and at reasonable prices.

Most of these tailors would give me a couple of fittings or as I call it, to test the garment before they finish it, and they do deliver to the hotel too. Even if you are very busy and cannot go to their store, they could come to your hotel and show you the fabric swatches and suit styles. This is very convenient and time saving as Bangkok had a nightmare traffic jam, and if any of you have been to Bangkok, you would know what I'm talking about.

Their suit price ranges are from 4000 thai baht up to 15,000 thai baht depending on the quality and quantity. I hope that you have a good time shopping in Bangkok. Bon Voyage.

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    • Man wearing a tailor-made suit.
      By: Nejron Photo
      Man wearing a tailor-made suit.
    • Tailor-made suits are made to fit a specific set of body measurements.
      By: Schlierner
      Tailor-made suits are made to fit a specific set of body measurements.
    • Finding a qualified tailor who charges a reasonable price might be a challenge.
      By: tecnofotocr
      Finding a qualified tailor who charges a reasonable price might be a challenge.