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What Are the Different Types of Weather Gadgets?

Geri Terzo
Geri Terzo

The weather can make for interesting conversation and can also change in a moment's notice. Technology has paved the way for weather gadgets that work indoors and outdoors that can provide glimpses into current and future conditions. Thermometers are one such device, and there are different types, including wireless versions. The benefits of using weather tools include awareness of temperatures indoors and outdoors in addition to wind conditions, all of which can support decisions tied to heating or cooling a home and planning outdoor activities.

Bulb thermometers are a common type of weather tool. These weather gadgets are filled with fluid, usually mercury, that can withstand extreme temperatures without freezing or melting. Mercury inside of a thermometer takes on a different shape and volume as the temperature increases or decreases. Movement in the mercury corresponds to the temperature being measured, and the results are illustrated with temperatures marked on the outside of these weather gadgets.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Wireless thermometers allow users to tell the temperature in a different location, up to a certain distance, without having to physically walk to the device. A base unit collects data from the external weather tool, and the results are displayed on the central unit. Conveniently, a wireless thermometer can be used for checking the outdoor temperature without having to leave the confines of a home.

Other, more high-tech weather gadgets are able to electronically display not only the temperature but also humidity conditions outside. Technology allows the device to gather weather information in an area from the Internet with or without a computer powered on. These units might connect with wireless routers and use radio waves to compile outdoor conditions. Extended weather forecasts can also be displayed.

Weather gadgets may have similar characteristics to high-tech alarm clocks and may even serve a dual purpose. These devices have liquid crystal display (LCD) technology that allows the time to be displayed straight up on the ceiling. The same device can display weather temperatures, both internal and external, and may be able to pull information relating to storms and display those warnings too.

Online weather gadgets can be downloaded onto a computer and accessed via a desktop icon. These programs display temperatures in different regions using Celsius or Fahrenheit based on the location. By pointing a computer mouse to one of these icons, the programs display temperatures of desired regions along with extended forecasts, if desired, right on the desktop.

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If you live in an area where you get a lot of severe weather (i.e., tornadoes), having a NOAA weather radio may be the best weather gadget you can buy. Those alarms are impossible to sleep through, and if there's a system moving in late at night or early in the morning, you may need an early warning so you can take cover.

You can't always hear the outdoor sirens if it's really windy; the wind noise will cover up the sound. So, it's a good idea to have a weather radio in the house, with fresh batteries and tuned to alert to your home county.


My favorite weather gadget is my car's thermometer. It's built in and when I start the car, the temperature shows up on the dash display. It's mostly just a fun convenience, but I do like having it.

I also have a temperature app on my cell phone, like most people do. I check it throughout the day and it's handy in the mornings when I am trying to decide whether I need to actually get out and start the car to warm it up before I leave for work. Like I said: it's a handy thing to have. I also have a couple of weather apps so I can keep track of storms and so forth. They're nice conveniences if I can't get to a TV to see the local weather.

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      Woman posing