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What are the Different Types of Vintage Slips?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

Falling under the larger category of vintage lingerie, vintage slips come in a large array of different types. There are full fitted vintage slips, half slips, slip nightgowns, and many other vintage lingerie pieces such as these. Vintage slips come in many different styles, from those that are very simple, such as a basic sheath silhouette, to those with a complicated design that can include pleats and lace. There are even vintage-inspired style slips, which are currently being manufactured but created to look as if they are from bygone times.

All types of vintage slips are collected today. The most sought after type of slip is the Heavenly Slip, created by Fishers Heavenly Slips. The identifying trademark of this type of vintage slips is the mermaid.

Vintage slips may be basic and plain in design.
Vintage slips may be basic and plain in design.

The most well-known purveyor of vintage slips is Vanity Fair. The types of slips made by Vanity Fair include the most simplistic slips, which are made of rayon or nylon and contained very little or no lace embellishments. They also make very different types of slips that are highly stylized, containing exquisite lace detailing and pleating. At the time these slips were first sold, they were considered an extravagance for the woman who purchased one.

Slips may be considered a type of lingerie.
Slips may be considered a type of lingerie.

Another type of vintage slip that was popular at the time they were originally made and continues to be popular with collectors is the Barbizon slip. Barbizon's vintage slips come in both a full slip and half slip. These types of slips are known for their embroidery work featured on the garments. Ruffles and lace are a part of most all the types of Barbizon's slips. Another aspect of these types of slips that makes them so unique and so popular is that they were made in a huge offering of sizes. Not only were sizes in small, medium, and large available, but Barbizon created slips for full-figured women as well as petites. The slips were also created to fit a woman's bust measurements. The most popular type of Barbizon slip was the taffeta slip, called the Taffreda.

Whether worn as an undergarment or as a dress, as has now become popular, vintage slips can be found in such an array of types and styles that nearly anyone can find one that will be to their liking. These types of slips range in price from moderate to extremely expensive, depending on the condition the slip is in, the amount of detailing it has on it, and who the manufacturer of the slip was. From the simplistic styles to the ornate and elegant dress type slips, vintage slips have now become a sought after collector's item.

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    • Vintage slips may be basic and plain in design.
      By: Ruslan Kudrin
      Vintage slips may be basic and plain in design.
    • Slips may be considered a type of lingerie.
      By: papa
      Slips may be considered a type of lingerie.