How do I Choose the Best Nylon Slip?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
A full slip may be worn as a nightgown or under a dress.
A full slip may be worn as a nightgown or under a dress.

To choose the best nylon slip, first decide whether you would prefer a full or half version. A full slip may double as a nightgown, yet a half slip is going to be cooler in warm weather. Length is an important consideration when buying a nylon slip because if it's too long, it will show at the bottom of a skirt or dress.

A snip-away style is a great solution to the problem of having the right slip length, especially during travel when there may be nowhere to find another undergarment or get it hemmed. This type of nylon slip features rows of lace at the bottom. Each row may be cut off as needed with scissors to create a shorter slip length each time. There is also the option of leaving it as is with all of the lace rows intact. Of course, once a row is snipped off, the slip cannot be any longer than that, but wearing a shorter style under a longer skirt or dress isn't usually a problem.

Full nylon slips are usually the best choice for dresses, while half slips work well with skirts. Depending on the thinness of the fabric, the gathered waistline of a half nylon slip may show through a dress to interrupt its smooth line. Full slips tend to move with the dress. Half slips work better with skirts though as a full slip may ride up and puff out over the skirt's waistband. Also, nylon slips are made from synthetic material and don't tend to "breathe" well, so a full slip under the waistband of a skirt may cause the wearer to feel sweaty at the waist.

When choosing a full nylon slip, don't forget to consider the neckline. Many, but not all, full slips have a V-shaped neckline. If the slip features a wide lace trim at the neckline and you don't want it to show in the collar of your dress, it's best to pick another style. Sometimes, a lower quality full or half slip may feature lace trim that creates bumps underneath a skirt or dress. To avoid this, look for quality stitching and flat hems and seams when buying nylon slips.

The color of nylon slips to have in your wardrobe depends on your clothes and style. In general, black or dark colored slips should only be worn with dark colored skirts or dresses to avoid showing through. Darker colored slips tend to work well for evening, while a nylon slip in a light color is typically best for daytime wear.

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I've always loved the feel of a nylon slip as it moves against my thighs. A hugely erotic experience.


I didn't see a reference about wearing a nylon half slip to bed. This can be a very exciting thing for a man. The silky nylon slides over you (across or up and down) and may keep you "up" half the night. Two slips rubbing on you could enhance the feeling and have intended consequences. Great when it is hot, and you are hot, and stains wash right out.


I'm with the poster in post nine. I also wear more than one slip and have done since my teen years. I prefer half slips, although I do own several full slips. To me, the feel of three half slips swishing around my thighs and the silky, slippery feeling under my bum when I sit down when wearing nylon panties is wonderful. Slips are a much underrated garment.


I have a number of nylon slips and always wear at least one under a skirt or dress. I was brought up with the maxim that full slips go under dresses, half slips (waist slips) under skirts, but I don't always stick to it.

I often wear more than one waist slip since I simply adore the silky feel of layers of nylon - especially when I sit down.


@StarJo - I hate it when the neckline tries to peep out above my dress! My problem wasn’t with getting a slip the right size, though. Mine was with finding a neckline low enough to stay hidden yet high enough to cover my bra.

I am kind of flat-chested, so slips with low necklines sometimes fall further down my chest than they are designed to fall on the average person’s chest. The kind with higher necklines are often too high to hide, though.

I was elated when I found a scoop neck adjustable nylon slip. It scooped pretty low when I first tried it on, but with a little maneuvering of the strap buckles, I got it to fall right where I wanted it to.


I didn’t know until reading this article that those rows of lace at the bottom of slips were actually intended to be removed. I have cut them off before, but I felt bad somehow for doing it, like I was destroying the slip!

I had a half nylon slip with two rows of lace on the hem. It was the shortest slip I owned, but it still wasn’t short enough for me to wear under the evening gown I had rented for an awards banquet. I cut off the last row of lace, and it was the perfect length.

It is still long enough to cover the upper part of my thighs, and I think that is what is most important. I don’t mind it being a little shorter underneath my longer dresses than it once was, because I still feel covered.


It can be really hard to control a slip that fits too loosely. I tried wearing my sister’s old full nylon slip, but it was a bit too big for me, and parts of it kept poking out.

Even though the neckline stopped just below the dress I was wearing, the slip shifted around when I moved and the lace peeped out at the top. I kept tugging at it to hide the lace, and it annoyed me all day long.

So, I make sure that the slip fits snugly before buying it. I don’t get one that is so tight that it constricts me, but I like a good fit.


@Mykol - I don’t know understand why anyone would ever want their slip to show. Whenever I see someone with lace poking out from the hem of their short skirt, I think that they forgot to hide their underwear.

In fact, I wonder why nylon slips ever feature lace. Slips are designed to be worn under things, so no one is going to see them. All the lace is going to do is create problems in the form of a bumpy texture.

I wear a totally smooth full slip. That’s all I need for the purpose for which a slip was intended.


When I am wearing a nice, fitted dress, I like to wear a nylon full slip. This is less bulky than wearing a half slip with a camisole.

It also seems like a full slip will last longer than a half slip. I have had problems with the elastic stretching on half slips, and then it feels like the slip is constantly falling down.

Even though many of the slips you buy today are easy to take care of, they look kind of plain compared to some of the vintage slips I have seen.

Some of these older slips are very feminine with a lot of detail and added lace or ruffles.


@LisaLou - At least you wear slips! It seems like I have seen several situations lately where someone isn't wearing a slip at all.

If the sun or light is shining just right, you can see just about everything. It's not that I go around looking for this, but have just noticed it more than once lately.

The only time I would consider not wearing a slip with a dress or skirt is if I am wearing a heavy material like denim where I know it won't be a problem.

You wouldn't need to wear a slip with wool either, but the wool is usually so itchy that it is nice to have the feel of a silky nylon slip under a wool skirt.


I have several different styles of slips in my drawer. It seems like I wear nylon half slips more than I wear full slips.

I find them be cooler in the summer time and I also wear more skirts than dresses. The most common color of slip I will wear is a beige or a black one.

I have slips in several different colors, but those are the two basic colors I wear most of the time.

I also have slips that have slits on one or both sides. This way, you can move the slip around your waist, so the slit will line up if you have a slit in your skirt or dress.


I have never heard of a snip-away style of slip before. I wonder how much you would pay for a slip like this?

If you snipped too much of the slip away, it wouldn't be long before you would need a new, longer slip again.

This does make sense in situations where you are traveling though. To me, there is nothing that looks worse than a slip that is longer than the dress or skirt you are wearing.

I also like the idea of the lace at the bottom of the slip. This would depend on the style of dress you are wearing whether you would want this lace to show or not.

If you were wearing a casual skirt, it might add the right touch. If you were wearing a skirt with a professional jacket, it would probably look out of place.

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    • A full slip may be worn as a nightgown or under a dress.
      By: Ruslan Kudrin
      A full slip may be worn as a nightgown or under a dress.