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What are the Different Types of Lace Slips?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

Featuring a decorative portion of lace, a lace slip is a woman's piece of underwear. Lace slips come in numerous different styles and cuts and feature lace overlays in a variety of different positions within the garment itself. There are many different types of lace slips, including the full slip, the half slip, and the strapless lace slip.

Full lace slips are those slips that begin at the shoulder and most commonly fall down past the knee. The full lace slip simply means that it covers the full torso of the woman wearing it. The length of these types of slips varies greatly and can be dependent upon their purpose. The straps of lace slips can be thin, as a spaghetti strap, or they can feature a strap that is wider. The thinner the strap of the full lace slip, the more likely that it will be adjustable. These adjustable straps create greater comfort for the woman wearing it and also a more near perfect fit, as the slip may adjusted to sit perfectly at the woman's bust line.

Some slips feature lace collars or trims.
Some slips feature lace collars or trims.

A half lace slip falls from the waste to any variety of lengths. There are full half lace slips that fall all the way to the ankle of the person wearing it. On the other extreme, there are those lace slips that are quite short and intended to be worn with a mini or short skirt.

Lace slips can be entirely made from lace. They can also have their bottom edge trimmed in lace and might even feature the same lace at some place on the bodice, as well. A popular place for lace to be placed on a slip is at the bust line, as it creates a sensuous appearance of the decolletage of the woman wearing it. Should she want to, a woman can wear her outer garment so the lace on the slip is seen and not hidden beneath what she is wearing.

A lace slip, while featuring a lace section, can be fashioned from many types of materials. Silk, nylon, and satin are the most popular choices of material for creating these garments, as they are most often intended to be easily and comfortably worn under outer garments. There are also those lace slips that are created and intended to be worn as dresses.

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    • Some slips feature lace collars or trims.
      By: Ruslan Kudrin
      Some slips feature lace collars or trims.