What Are the Different Types of TV Advertising Software?

Osmand Vitez

TV advertising software helps a company create commercials or other advertisements that induce individuals to purchase a company’s goods and services. Different types of TV advertising software include commercial creation, interactive advertisement software, and advertisement widget software. Each one has a specific use and allows a company to leverage new technologies into the classic television advertising process. These software types, for example, allow a company to create different commercials, engage users to react to an advertisement, or display a commercial at a certain point when consumers watch television. Companies can use one or more of these software types if they so desire, though the technology may be expensive to implement and use.

TV software allows a company to display a commercial at a certain point when consumers watch television.
TV software allows a company to display a commercial at a certain point when consumers watch television.

Creating commercials is often an expensive venture for which companies cannot predict the effects. For example, a highly creative commercial with actors in a humorous situation may be annoying or unfunny to consumers. This may cause them to tune out the company’s advertising message in the future. Commercial creation TV advertising software allows companies to use computers that design and create commercials sometimes at a lower cost than traditional methods. Changing the commercial or creating different approaches using the software can save money on advertisement creation.

Interactive advertisements help a company determine how interested a consumer may be in a good or service. For example, interactive advertising software creates a situation where a customer may need to make a selection in order to move through the commercial. When this occurs, the company may be able to record the selection and create future advertisements with the most interesting aspects of consumer-selected items in a commercial. The use of interactive TV advertising software can also be a drawback, however, if consumers find the advertisements annoying and simply make selections just to get through the commercial. The end result is upset consumers and bad data gleaned from the software.

Widget-style TV advertising software places a company’s television commercials at certain points in a viewing experience. For example, when a customer sets up a new television or other TV-related device, a short advertisement may appear for a related company. These may be more common if a consumer must log onto an account through the TV via the Internet. Consumers may see a short advertisement as they continue through the process. Widget software may also allow the company to add new commercials or rotate a set of commercials in order to present different messages at different times.

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