What Are the Different Types of Trade Show Supplies?

Autumn Rivers

Taking advantage of the marketing opportunities that come from a trade show requires gathering certain supplies. For example, most trade show displays require a booth or table, on which the entire presentation is centered. Tables tend to look best covered with a runner or skirt, while booths usually need a backdrop. Additional trade show supplies include presentation equipment such as television racks, literature stands and podiums. Company representatives are usually advised to consider the size of their display and their budget when choosing trade show accessories.

Trade shows need microphones and sound systems.
Trade shows need microphones and sound systems.

The largest displays involve at least one booth, which is usually comprised of either a flat or curved wall. Trade show booths typically range from 8 feet (2.4 m) to 10 feet (3 m) tall, and from 10 feet (3 m) to 20 (6.1 m) feet wide. They can serve as a plain background for the presentation, or they can be outfitted with the company logo. Smaller presentations and those that require products to be showcased to trade show visitors, call for a table. Tables are often either round or rectangular and can be used alone or placed in front of a large booth to extend a display.

Projectors are important trade show supplies.
Projectors are important trade show supplies.

Booths and tables can be dressed up with certain trade show supplies. For example, most company representatives choose to outfit their trade show table with a skirt to add color to the presentation. They can also add a custom runner, which is a drape that can be imprinted with the company name and logo, down the table's center. Booths can be customized with colored drapes added to the background to catch the attention of passers-by. Many booths are covered in fabric that makes it easy to attach banners and posters so they can be easily customized with a company name, as well.

Many trade show displays involve the use of different media, which creates a need for appropriate support. For instance, some of the most popular trade show supplies include television stands to hold monitors, allowing companies to lift their television high enough to reach several viewers with their marketing videos. Projection screens and carts capable of holding projectors are also important trade show supplies, as are portable sound systems that include microphones. Of course, if microphones are needed, it may be useful to include a podium for any speakers at the display. Finally, for companies that prefer to use print media, literature stands can be necessary trade show supplies, because they are appropriate for holding magazines, brochures and books.

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