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What are the Different Types of Tool Sheds?

Misty Amber Brighton
Misty Amber Brighton

Tool sheds come in many different sizes and materials. They are often built to serve a specific purpose for a homeowner. Some buildings might be designed to hold lawn equipment, and have a large door so a garden tractor can be driven inside it. Others may have space for tool organization and a workbench. Still others could be used to organize garage supplies or provide general storage space.

Wood, metal, and vinyl are commonly used to build tool sheds. These outdoor structures may also be constructed from a combination of these materials. Wood and metal are often used to custom-build a storage shed for a homeowner. These may have a wooden, metal, or shingled roof. Vinyl buildings are often purchased by people who have limited construction skills, or who need a small structure.

A tool shed may have gravel flooring.
A tool shed may have gravel flooring.

Tool sheds vary greatly in size. A small shed might somewhat resemble a locker and be around 31 inches wide (78.74 cm), 6 feet(18.3 m) high, and 25 inches (63.5 cm) deep. This type is ideal for storing gardening equipment such as shovels, rakes, and hoes. A large tool shed could be around 10 feet (3.05 m) long and 8 feet (2.44 m) wide. This building could be used for lawn mowers, farm equipment, or outdoor recreational items.

A tool shed may also served as a garden shed.
A tool shed may also served as a garden shed.

These structures often have a number of different features. Some tool sheds have racks or pegs for hanging wrenches and pliers. Other buildings might have custom shelving that can be used to store a number of different items. There might also be storage lofts, workbenches, ceiling fans, and windows. Some barns may have a lean-to built on one side for storing lawn tractors or firewood.

Tool sheds can be built to resemble a tiny house. These models can sometimes be used as a guest cottage or children's playhouse. They might have a porch on the front, windows with shutters, and intricate trim work. These buildings may have a loft for storage, or built-in shelves or bookcases for smaller items.

There are a number of different types of floors found in tool sheds. Some models have a concrete or gravel floor. These are usually constructed first, and the storage structure is built on top of it once the flooring is in place. Metal or wooden outdoor buildings typically have a floor made of the same material as the outer walls. Storage sheds that are more primitive often do not have a floor at all, so the bottom of the structure is merely dirt.

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    • A tool shed may have gravel flooring.
      By: nito
      A tool shed may have gravel flooring.
    • A tool shed may also served as a garden shed.
      By: fallesen
      A tool shed may also served as a garden shed.