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What Are the Different Types of Strategic Book Marketing?

Jan Fletcher
Jan Fletcher

Promoting a book through social media channels and industry associations are two approaches to strategic book marketing. Other common strategies for selling books involve the pursuit of speaking engagements and facilitating library sales. Networking activities, book signings and establishing channels through major online book distributors are other ways to facilitate book marketing.

Employing social media may be a fruitful method in strategic book marketing for several reasons. It often proves a low-cost way to publicize a book offering, and this may be more true for e-books. Social media can also provide a particular author's fans with a communication channel, through which to share opinions and reviews with friends and family.

Social media promotion is one type of strategic book marketing.
Social media promotion is one type of strategic book marketing.

Relationships with industry associations often factor prominently in strategic book marketing for nonfiction works. For example, a nonfiction book about improving employee performance may be pertinent to a human resources industry association, and the author may use his or her industry connections to market the book. The author may be invited to give a keynote presentation at an industry conference, and following the presentation, may be available to autograph printed copies. Other speaking engagements undertaken in strategic book marketing may include appearances at trade shows, or serving as a panelist on a industry-sponsored forum.

Libraries are major purchasers of books, and there are businesses that cater specifically to this niche. A strategic book marketing campaign will often include advertising and other interfaces with libraries to facilitate library sales, such as attending librarian conferences. Libraries may have requirements for labeling, such as the registration and proper placement within the book of the International Standard Book Number System (ISBN) code.

Particularly in the area of children's fiction, libraries may also offer strategic book marketing opportunities through special events that bring book authors to libraries. Some libraries also host book-reading groups. For titles that may have strong appeal to a regional area, these groups may spread news of the book through word-of-mouth marketing.

Networking activities and book signings are also typically used to spur book sales. Engaging in relationships with colleagues and industry associations is more typically done in strategic selling of nonfiction works. Book signings are often used as a way to inspire and engage fans of fictional stories.

Establishing distribution channels through online marketeers is a common method of strategic book marketing for e-books. Some online marketeers specialize in certain genres, while others offer books that are self-published. Still others attempt to carry a massive selection of books. These sites often have a strong integration with social media, allowing shoppers to read book reviews and post comments.

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    • Social media promotion is one type of strategic book marketing.
      By: leighboardman84
      Social media promotion is one type of strategic book marketing.