What are the Different Types of State Employment Jobs?

Nicole Long

Among the different types of state employment jobs are those that help the state run efficiently and continue to meet the needs of the citizens of the state. This can include jobs working directly with the government or government agencies. Other types of state employment jobs include those working in transportation, investigative roles, financial positions, and support positions.

Finance and accounting positions are also available in a number of state agencies.
Finance and accounting positions are also available in a number of state agencies.

States provide a wide variety of services and programs for residents. This includes developing a budget, financing education, and setting aside funds for emergency assistance programs, such as food stamps and unemployment. These agencies work together to provide the best possible living and working conditions for all residents.

Working directly with the government provides an opportunity to get involved in helping develop the programs and initiatives important to the state. This includes elected and appointed positions, such Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Senator, and Representative. These positions typically take a solid record of success on local and community levels and require campaigning.

Positions in state employment also exist in the various state agencies. This includes work with agencies that oversee wildlife management, forestry, health and human services, worker’s compensation, and many others. Positions within these divisions can range from those involving fieldwork, such as a position as a forest ranger, and those involving office work, such as positions as counselors and benefits managers.

Finance and accounting positions are also available in a number of state agencies. These positions typically require formal education, but the various levels of employment opportunities allow for both entry-level and experienced candidates to find a job with the state. Some agencies that hire finance and accounting professionals include state tax departments, auditor offices, and the lottery commission.

Various positions exist within state highway and infrastructure departments and agencies. Architects, manual laborers, and inspectors can find work with these agencies. Jobs related to urban development are also available on the state level.

Investigative roles are other types of state employment jobs. These can include positions as health inspectors or auditors with various agencies. The state also employs individuals to inspect criminal activity and trace fraudulent practices.

Support positions are also available for those looking for state employment. These positions include administrative assistants, customer service representatives, and data entry specialists. Support positions are typically entry-level positions, but they can provide the right candidate with an ability to enter government employment and apply for other jobs when they gain additional experience or education.

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