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What are the Different Types of Small Closet Storage?

Amanda Piontek
Amanda Piontek

Small closet storage systems can assist an individual with compact living quarters to maximize the space available in his or her home. Shelving units, bins and baskets, and double decker closet poles are just a few of the different types of small closet storage. For even more efficient space use, there are storage racks and bins that fasten to the inside of the closet door. These bins are often designed to hold shoes or hang neckties and belts, but could also be used as small closet storage for just about any item that fits. Mix and match closet systems are a popular option for efficient space use in closets of all sizes, and many manufacturers offer drawers and shelves that can be stacked to just the right height.

A single horizontal closet pole is often the standard in bedroom closets. This is an inefficient use of space, and with a few simple and flexible additions it can easily changed and transformed into something more useful. The first step for a bedroom closet is to add a second closet pole, doubling the amount of space available for hanging clothes. If there doesn't appear to be enough room for that second pole, it could be hung a little lower and utilized for items like pants, which might not require as much vertical hanging space as other items in the closet.

Shelves make excellent small closet organizers.
Shelves make excellent small closet organizers.

Looking critically at the closet can sometimes reveal unused storage spaces. The ceiling is often overlooked and underutilized when it comes to small closet storage. A high shelf above the closet poles can be a very useful place to store items that are not used on a daily basis. Out of season clothing or bedding, dress shoes, and board games are just a few of the many items that could benefit from the additional storage space. The closet door is a similar place that often goes unused. Over-the-door storage systems can hold a wide variety of items like shoes, belts, ties, bathrobes, and more.

Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.
Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.

Linen closets, bathroom closets, and broom closets are a few spaces that can benefit from totes or baskets. Small items like medications, personal care supplies, nail polish, and hair accessories can stay organized with space saving bins that stack, or fit together in a modular system. Pocket organizers that hang over the door are usually designed for holding shoes, but with a little creativity, they could be repurposed for holding just about anything including cleaning supplies, hair accessories, razors, and jewelry. Customizable small closet storage systems made from wire or compressed wood are also commonly available from major hardware and discount stores, and might offer the perfect space saving design for a little closet.

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    • Shelves make excellent small closet organizers.
      By: lulu
      Shelves make excellent small closet organizers.
    • Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.
      By: terex
      Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.