How do I Choose the Best Closet Shelving System?

Morgan H.

In order to choose the best closet shelving system, it is important to take a number of factors into consideration. Things like the overall size of your closet, the consistency of your storage needs, and the styles of shelving you prefer are all design options to contemplate. The main types of closet shelving systems are furniture-style, fixed wire, and movable wire shelving.

The overall size of a closet should be considered when choosing a shelving system.
The overall size of a closet should be considered when choosing a shelving system.

Furniture style shelving may create a more designer appearance. It is usually made of particle board with a woodgrain patterned laminate pressed over it. There are a wide option of storage cabinets and rods available, from drawers to wardrobes. Fancier systems may include wire or fabric bins that slide into slots in the shelving. This type of closet shelving system is normally sold as an unassembled unit that can be put together and customized at home.

Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.
Drawers may be installed as part of a closet storage system.

This type of shelving may be better for people with larger closets that can handle a fixed storage system. Once assembled, these cabinets may be impossible to get apart, and once set in place, become part of the closet itself. The ideal area for these systems is a deeper closet, where the added space can accommodate the structure of the cabinets.

A fixed wire closet shelving system is a type of storage system that is attached to the wall using screws and shelf supports. This system may include different depths of shelving for specific storage needs. Wire closet shelving may also have a closet rod attachment available, which can save time and space. The wire shelving can be cut to length for different closet areas, making it more easily customizable.

The fixed wire closet shelving system may be more difficult for a novice to install. Most manufacturers have specific requirements for the placement of shelf supports, and may also require clips to be installed in the wall to further reinforce the shelving. This shelving is advantageous for people who may have a smaller closet space but would still like a customizable system. Fixed wire closet shelving is semi-permanent, as disassembling the system may take an afternoon or longer, and many wall repairs will need to be completed after it is removed.

Movable wire shelving is the best choice for anyone whose storage needs may change over time. This type of shelving usually uses a system of uprights that are screwed into the wall studs, as well as knives that insert into slots in the uprights to support the shelves. This closet shelving system offers a wide range of options for placement and divisions of shelves, as well as being customizable in length and height.

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