What are the Different Types of Shower Door Handles?

Norma Jean Howland
Norma Jean Howland
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Shower door handles are usually designed in what is called back-to-back style, which means that duplicate handles are installed on both sides of the shower door, like a standard door knob. Depending on the style of shower, there are different kinds of handles, from practical plastic attachments to artistic creations that feature knobs painted with intricate designs. Shower door handles come in different materials too, such as chrome, polished brass and even antique crystal. These handles are found in different shapes. Some are similar to door knobs and operate on the same principle, while others are ornate, offering oversized S-shaped handles made of polished brass that open up doors to a large double shower area.

For a designer bathroom, there are accent knobs, such as vintage shower door handles fashioned out of crystal door knobs that have been salvaged from older homes. These door knobs are usually refurbished to make the most out of a shower door, combining the old with the new. Although these shower door handles may be expensive, they will probably dress up the shower area with the classic look of crystal. Another idea for an upscale shower renovation is a one-of-a-kind door handle featuring painted glass in different colors and designs, set in a polished nickel base.

Some homeowners prefer a more standard, practical shower door handle that is functional and can survive the wear and tear of young children. These handles are not only sturdy but come in different styles and designs, to suit most bathroom decor. They may be designed out of clear or colored plastic, brass or chrome. The shapes vary from large handles that feature sleek modern lines to curved, easy to grasp handles that can be installed at appropriate heights with children in mind.

Whether the shower stall is clear, tinted, or frosted glass, the right shower door handles can often be the missing link to a finished shower area. An oversized S-shaped door handle in dark colors can be striking against a tinted glass shower stall. For frosted glass doors, crystal knobs can be installed to give the room an almost antique feel. In a children’s bathroom, shower door handles that feature colorful plastic placed at low levels can make shower doors accessible to younger children.

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I wanted to fix up my guest bathroom and give it a fresh look without spending a lot of money. I decided that replacing all of the hardware in the room would provide the look I wanted, and this included the shower door handle.

I thought that finding new shower door handles would be difficult, but I was actually surprised with how many styles were available. I settled on an intricately designed antique style that matched the other hardware in the room. They looked really nice, and matched perfectly.

If you are looking for new shower door handles, you should be able to find what you are looking for at your local home improvement store. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for there, you can always find more styles online.


If you are looking for a replacement shower door, there is no need to buy separate shower door handles. Most shower doors come with the handles pre-installed, which makes the project much easier then having to install shower door handles after installing the door.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing