What are the Different Types of Short Jumpsuit?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams
High heels are commonly worn with jumpsuits.
High heels are commonly worn with jumpsuits.

Short jumpsuits are a one-piece futuristic fashion garment designed in all types, from the very casual jumpsuit to the jumpsuit that can be worn for evening wear. Also called rompers, short jumpsuits come in a variety of styles, from those with long sleeves to those that are sleeveless. There are those short jumpsuits that are strapless and those that have a convertible top and can be worn in a number of different ways. Short jumpsuits are a unique option for a woman, whether dressing up or down.

Short jumpsuits, while often featuring many different types of tops, will often have a number of types of short bottoms. From short shorts to longer shorts, the lengths vary greatly. What also is a variant on these different types of short jumpsuits is the width of the short. There are those shorts that have a tight leg and are quite form fitting. Other jumpsuits will have a wide-leg short with a cuff. Some shorts will have pockets, while others have a more tailored appearance and are pleated in the front.

A popular accessory for a short jump suit is a belt, which further accentuates the waist of the woman wearing it. Belts are such a common accessory that many jump suits are sold with a belt as part of the outfit. Belts worn with a short jumpsuit can be very tight fitting or can be looser and worn doubled up. For example, a chain belt would be worn in this manner.

The different materials short jumpsuits are fashioned from are as numerous as the types of short jumpsuits themselves. Those jumpsuits that are quite casual can be found in a jersey or sweat-type material or even be made of a light cotton. These more casually made jumpsuits with comfort styling often will feature a racer back with a tank top–styled front. A dressier short jumpsuit may be made of silk or linen or even a damask material. These will often be strapless or have the popular on- shouldered styling.

The short jumpsuit style is also a popular design for swimwear. These one-piece swimsuits can be worn to the beach and then worn to a restaurant without a change of clothing. These types of one-piece swimsuits are less revealing than the traditional bathing suit. Whether as a dressy evening ensemble or for a frolic at the beach, the short jumpsuit design is a very versatile one.

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    • High heels are commonly worn with jumpsuits.
      By: Savannah1969
      High heels are commonly worn with jumpsuits.