What are the Different Types of Halter Jumpsuit?

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Susan Grindstaff
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A halter jumpsuit is a one-piece garment. The top and bottom are sewn together to form one piece of clothing. The top is halter style, which indicates a type of top that is without a back or shoulder straps. Instead, strips of tapering fabric extend from the bust area into ties that wrap around the neck and secure in back. The bottom part of a halter jumpsuit is generally either long pants or shorts.

Closure for a halter jumpsuit is usually a zipper in the back of the pants or shorts, topped off with a button, snap, or hook. Some halter jumpsuits are made entirely or lycra or spandex, and those offer enough stretch so they can be slipped on without the use of a zipper. The ties around the neck frequently close by tying, but some close with a button or slotted hook. Sometimes the length of the ties is adjustable, in much the same way that bra straps adjust.

Typically, the type of fabric used in a halter jumpsuit depends on whether it is intended for formal or casual wear. In many cases, this also influences the overall design, as a formal halter jumpsuit is typically more form fitting than one that is intended for casual wear. Casual jumpsuits do not always have fitted waists, and are often designed to fit the body somewhat loosely.

Usually, a formal halter jumpsuit is made of high-end fabrics, such as blended silk, satin, or velvet. With the exception of silk, these fabrics are sometimes blended with spandex to give the fabric a bit of stretch. This generally allows for an easier all over fit. The halter portion of the piece is sometimes embellished with sequins or embroidery to make it more suitable for formal wear.

Cotton is a popular fabric for a casual halter jumpsuit, including denim and cotton knits. Some casual jumpsuits are intended for beachwear, and these are often made using fabrics with large tropical prints. Most of the time, this type of halter jumpsuit is short, or styled with wide loose pants. Pants in this style are usually referred to as “goucho” trousers.

Halter style jumpsuits became popular with women during World War II. Calendars were made up to send overseas to the troops that featured beautiful women wearing revealing clothing. The models for the calendars came to be known as “pin-up” girls or “calendar” girls. Some of the pictures depicted women wearing short halter jumpsuits.

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Jumpsuits look awful. Avoid them like the plague. They are not sexy, they are not stylish and there is a good reason why they top the list of women's fashion men don't understand. They are all bad and unattractive.


Halter jumpsuits will always make me think of the clubs in the 70s. Thank God that look has never been popular before or since.

Back then you couldn't throw a nickel without hitting two girls in halter jumpsuits. It was such a popular look it was almost a joke. I remember how upset my friends would be when they would see another girl wearing the exact same outfit as them. This seemed to happen a lot.


Does anyone know of some plus size jumpsuits that would appear slimming and actually create a nice line for a pear-shaped body?

I was recently reading in a fashion magazine that halter jumpsuits can really help make a plus size figure look more streamlined. From what I can tell as long as you were a proper sized belt with the outfit you can really trick the eye into thinking the waist is small and the legs are longer.

I am interested in some figuring out some brands to look for that might be have jumpsuits available so I can give the look a try. The jumpsuit in the magazine was way too expensive.


You would be surprised at how good black jumpsuits for women can look. I was a bit skeptical about how I would look in a jumpsuit but I found one that was nicely tailored and had a bit of sparkle around the neckline for me to be suitably impressed.

If you get into designer jumpsuits you really need a flare in the leg. I think that if the jumpsuit is too tight that you start to look like a member of the circus. I remember my friend showed up in one that looked more like a whole body leotard than the suit's style that is so popular these day.


I like the looks of jumpsuits, but I don't like wearing them. For me, wearing a one-piece garment is not very practical.

Every time you have to go to the bathroom you feel like you are completely getting dressed all over again.

I really didn't even know they were still in fashion either. Maybe it's because I am never looking for one, but I don't recall seeing them very often when I am shopping.

Do very many stores sell jumpsuits anymore?


@LisaLou - It can be a little tricky getting the proper fit with a jumpsuit, but I would not let that deter you from ordering one online.

As long as you make sure and get all the right measurements ahead of time you should be OK. You will also want to take into consideration what type of shoes you will be wearing with the jumpsuit.

If it has a fitted waist, you will want to measure from your waist to the floor - plus any extra inches if you are wearing high heels.

I have found some of the best ladies jumpsuits at online sites and usually have pretty good luck. If the shipping is a concern, some companies do not charge you to return an item if it doesn't fit right.


Has anyone ever been able to find a jumpsuit that fits right when ordering online?

I am looking for a strapless jumpsuit, but am not sure I would be able to find what I need without trying it on.

Jumpsuits can be kind of hard to fit just right, but it seems like the best selection is online. There aren't very many stores close to me that carry jumpsuits where I can try them on.

I don't want to order one online only to find that I have to send it back because it doesn't fit right.


I think jumpsuits can be classy and elegant. I don't wear them very often, but love how I feel when I am wearing one. With a well fitting jumpsuit and great pair of heels, I feel ready for anything!

Every year our company has a nice dinner, and one year I wore a white halter jumpsuit for something different. This was dressy enough to wear to this dinner, yet not over the top.

The dinner is also in the winter, so I like wearing pants instead of a dress. Since I like a black and white combination, I bought an elegant black jacket to wear over the jumpsuit if I got too cold.

This was also the perfect jumpsuit to wear to my friends wedding in the middle of summer. Even though this hangs in my closet most of the time, it is one of my favorite items of clothing.


I've never personally worn a halter jumpsuit, but I do have a short jumpsuit I just adore. Mine is a beach cover up though -- I wear it every year when I go to the beach on vacation or when I go to the neighborhood pool. However, I don't think I would ever just wear it for a regular day.

Honestly, I don't think jumpsuits look that great for anything besides a beach cover up. I think there's a time and a place for everything, but there's just not that many times where it's appropriate to wear a jumpsuit, you know?


@SZapper - I can sympathize with your jumpsuit problems. It definitely is hard to find a jumpsuit that both fits you and looks good. For the longest time I had given up on jumpsuits too.

Then, I found this black halter jumpsuit that fit like a dream. Seriously. I don't think I've ever looked so good! I wore it to a party and got a ton of compliments!

Sadly, I've never found another jumpsuit that fit that well. However, I saved the black jumpsuit and I have it hanging around in my closet just waiting for another special occasion.


I just hate jumpsuits and rompers. Actually, I don't totally hate them -- I just hate them on *me*! Every few years jumpsuits come back in style and I always try them on. Then I take them right back off because I look awful in a jumpsuit.

I'm kind of petite, which I think might be the problem. i feel like I tend to get "swallowed" in the jumpsuit. Either that or the jumpsuit just doesn't fit right. The top is too big and the bottom is too small, or vice versa.

I've just accepted that no matter how many times jumpsuits come back in style, I'm just not meant to wear them!

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