What is a Strapless Jumpsuit?

T. Alaine

A strapless jumpsuit is a type of one-piece outfit that can be adapted to suit a variety of different fashions and occasions. Jumpsuits are essentially a top and pants or shorts that are connected at the waist instead of being two separate pieces; a jumpsuit bears some resemblance to a dress with the skirt section being separated into pants or shorts. As the name suggests, a strapless jumpsuit does not have sleeves or straps for the upper body.

High heels are commonly worn with jumpsuits.
High heels are commonly worn with jumpsuits.

Jumpsuits, which are also called rompers, combine the most convenient aspects of a dress with the most convenient aspects of pants. Many people choose dresses because all that is needed for a complete outfit is a single piece of clothing, but sometimes an open skirt means sacrificing either activities that might reveal undergarments, or modesty. Pants and shorts solve the modesty problem, but then must be paired with coordinating separates to create an outfit. A jumpsuit allows the ease of dressing associated with a dress with the versatility and modesty of pants or shorts.

People who are timid with their fashion choices might shy away from jumpsuits, and a strapless jumpsuit is a particularly bold piece. Strapless tops showcase the upper body, and while they can provide completely sufficient coverage, are not always the most modest option. Accordingly, one might be tempted to delegate the strapless jumpsuit to dance clubs, but it can actually be a versatile piece of clothing.

Depending on the style, fabric, and accessory choices, a strapless jumpsuit can probably be found for almost every occasion ranging from daily errands to a fancy night out. For example, a strapless jumpsuit cut in shorts and made from cotton or jersey knit fabric and paired with flat sandals could be a comfortable, casual outfit on a hot day. The same jumpsuit paired with high heels and a light jacket transitions into a nighttime dinner date outfit. Concerns about the lack of coverage of a strapless jumpsuit can be assuaged by choosing a piece cut in long, loose pants instead of shorts, to balance out the amount of exposed skin.

While the bold styling of a strapless jumpsuit can make this piece of clothing seem daunting, the comfort and practicality of this outfit also makes it an ideal lounge piece. A strapless jumpsuit can be an ideal cover-up over a bathing suit for a day at the beach, or an easy, stylish alternative to pajamas or a robe. A strapless jumpsuit in a loose or relaxed cut and neutral color can be worn anywhere from the bedroom to the bar.

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