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What are the Different Types of Retirement Plaques?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Retirement plaques can come in many shapes and forms. Materials, designs and even wordings be vary across retirement recognition plaques, and the ultimate look of a plaque can depend on the type of people who are presenting them. The most common types of retirement recognition plaques are those that are flat and identify a person's name, position and the years he or she worked, but other plaques can be creative, reflecting the person's interests, hobbies or sense of humor.

These plaques can be made out of many types of materials. It's not uncommon to see these plaques come in bronze, silver or gold, to signify the amount of time the retiree has spent with a company or the achievements he or she has had as an employee. They can also simply be made out of wood, such as walnut or rosewood. Black is a color that is favored by many companies.

A retired couple.
A retired couple.

The shape of a retirement plaque can vary, as well. If a company has a special logo, it might create a customized retirement plaque that resembles that logo. Plaques can also be based on special photos, images or artwork. These designs can be engraved within the plaque for a more personalized feel.

Plaques do not have to be flat and plain. Many unusual designs can function as retirement plaques, too. Three-dimensional carvings meant to be hung on a wall can also serve as retirement plaques and can add a bit of uniqueness to retirement recognition.

Wording on retirement plaques is often a concern of those designing a plaque. There can be worry about appropriateness and the right things to include on a plaque. The messages that are engraved or shown on retirement plaques can depend on who is presenting the plaque but, generally, there are no rules.

Companies might include the business name, the full name of the retiree, his or her dates of employment and a short wording of thanks on their plaques, for example. Plaques that are presented by friends or family members might be much more informal, however. They can include long, inspirational or funny messages.

Retirement plaques can say a lot, but what they popularly include is the specific year of retirement. The plaques are meant to celebrate and honor a person's contributions within the span of his or her career, so this is information that is usually engraved on the plaque. If the retiree has worked for a company in many different facets, that information also can be added to the plaque.

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    • A retired couple.
      A retired couple.