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What are the Different Types of Appreciation Plaques?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Appreciation plaques come in various types, styles, and varieties to honor all types of people. Some appreciation plaques are designed with an employee's name and title or position engraved on the plaque, recognizing his achievements and success. Some are in honor of an individual's contributions to a particular organization or charity. There are appreciation plaques specially created to commemorate a specific date. Others are custom made in honor of a loved one.

Special holidays such as Mother's Day, birthdays, and anniversaries are commemorated by the gift of an appreciation plaque. These plaques are typically custom made with personalized messages. Many of these can be custom designed and feature laser engraving.

A simple thank you card.
A simple thank you card.

Some plaques are made of wood, such as oak or walnut. Many appreciation plaques are constructed of ceramic or metal. Some appreciation plaques are designed in crystal. This may be a type of ornamental plaque suitable for placing on a mantle, shelf, or desk.

A personalized plaque may be given to a company, organization, or business in appreciation from clients and customers. This is typically a type of award to show recognition for an achievement or for success with a specific a project or effort. In addition to businesses, some appreciation plaques may be given to a corporation. These are known as corporate plaques.

Many companies create specially designed appreciation plaques for their employees who have achieved a particular goal or status, or attained a special level or position. Employee recognition plaques are generally engraved with the employee's name, position with the company, and any achievements he has accomplished. This is considered a type of award.

Coaches who assist youngsters in various sports may be presented with appreciation plaques. These plaques are typically presented to the coach by his team in appreciation for his service and guidance. An example of such a plaque might be a "Coach of the Year" award.

There are some appreciation plaques that have various shapes. For example, a plaque honoring a police officer or fireman may be in the shape of a shield. These also come in various sizes. These plaques are generally ready to hang, with a latch in back.

Another type of appreciation plaque is a retirement plaque. This is typically given to an employee who is about to retire from his position with the company or from his career. It generally will state the length of time the individual has served his company.

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    • A simple thank you card.
      By: alexskopje
      A simple thank you card.