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How do I Choose the Best Ceramic Plaques?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Choosing the best ceramic plaques depends on what the plaques are for. Most plaques are similar in terms of physical quality, meaning that the main differences are the designs on the plaques. It is possible to find ceramic plaques appropriate for all purposes, and it can be easiest to find the best plaques in catalogs or online, where there are many options. If you desire a highly unique plaque, it is easy to either commission a plaque or make one on your own.

Ceramic plaques are decorative items that are usually designed to be hung from a wall or propped up like a picture. They often bear quotes or images that have been painted either by machine or by hand. These plaques come in many shapes, but oval and rectangle shapes are most common. When made to be hung on a wall, the plaque usually has two holes drilled through it and a ribbon or wire to hang it with.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

There are many different designs for ceramic plaques, and garden and home themes are very popular. Quotes on plaques may relate to the room in which the plaque is made to be hung or may be inspirational or spiritual. Anything can be put on a ceramic plaque so long as it can be drawn, including animals, figures, and other shapes. While certain designs are more common than others for ceramic plaques, unique designs are occasionally found in stores or through special retailers.

When choosing ceramic plaques, it is a good idea to think about what images or words you consider meaningful. It is also possible to shop in catalogs or stores and look for a plaque that stands out from the rest. These items are often purchased on a whim because they are not usually very expensive. The best plaque will be the one that is the most meaningful for its intended recipient.

If you would like a ceramic plaque of a particular design but that design cannot be found in stores or online, it is usually possible to commission a personalized plaque. Various artists who make plaques will accept custom orders through their websites, although this can cost much more than a plaque that has already been painted. For an even more personalized ceramic plaque, it is also usually possible to paint a plaque yourself. Art schools sometimes offer ceramics classes that will provide the relevant skills and materials needed to create a plaque, but visiting a paint-your-own pottery story is also an option. When designing a plaque yourself, it is possible to create a plaque of whatever design you wish.

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    • Woman with a flower
      Woman with a flower