What are the Different Types of Physiotherapy Equipment?

Patti Kate

There are many different types of physiotherapy equipment, including occupational therapy equipment. These machines and equipment are used for assistance in accomplishing everyday tasks. Physiotherapy equipment may also consist of exercise machines, such as bicycles and treadmills. Hand weights are another type of physiotherapy equipment used in various situations.

Physiotherapy using weights.
Physiotherapy using weights.

In certain physical therapy sessions, a patient may use a piece of physiotherapy equipment known as an upper body ergometer (UBE). This is a type of pedaling device, similar in appearance to a stationary bicycle. With the UBE, however, the pedals are used for strengthening or rehabilitating the arms, shoulders, and upper body, rather than the legs. This may benefit patients with rotator cuff injuries and wrist injuries. In addition, a portable folding pedal machine may be used for therapy when traveling and is compact enough for easy storage.

A mini trampoline is a type of physiotherapy equipment.
A mini trampoline is a type of physiotherapy equipment.

Balance balls and exercise disks are types of physiotherapy equipment that may focus on the back, spine, legs, shoulders, or arms. An ergonomically designed balance ball chair may help prevent muscle strain to the back while performing special exercises. The chair also helps keep the spine in proper alignment while exercising with a balance ball.

A portable, personal-sized mini trampoline is another type of physiotherapy equipment that may be used during therapy sessions. This can help patients with leg injuries by strengthening the muscles. When used as therapy equipment, mini trampolines typically have adjustable inclines and positions.

For aquatic therapy sessions, water weight dumbbells or hydro weights may be used. These hand weights may be part of therapeutic swimming sessions prescribed as part of physiotherapy programs. Most are constructed from a durable type of plastic.

Hydro boots may also be used in aquatic or water therapy. These boots assist with lower body exercises that are meant to strengthen muscles. Cushioned with rubber foam, they also are used as by athletes, and as rehabilitation for patients with leg or ankle injuries. Aquatic gloves and belts are other pieces of physiotherapy equipment used while participating in water therapy.

Equipment used for physiotherapy may also include hot packs and cold packs. These may be in the form of a simple compress or heating pad. Cold wraps are generally used to reduce swelling of the knee or elbow. Lotion warmers designed to be used in conjunction with ultrasound gels can help to regulate gel temperature.

Patients may use a variety of equipment in aquatic physical therapy sessions.
Patients may use a variety of equipment in aquatic physical therapy sessions.

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