What Are the Different Types of Passover Desserts?

Amber Eberle

During the Jewish holiday of Passover there are rules about what types of food can be consumed. Flour and other leavening products are to be avoided, and therefore not used in cooking. Many desserts call for these ingredients but there are a number of Passover desserts that do not require them, or have been modified to use kosher products, such as potato starch or matzo cake meal, instead. Popular Passover dessert options include flour-less cakes and cookies, souffles, parfaits, different types of mousse, and truffles. When preparing desserts for Passover, only ingredients — such as chocolate, vanilla extract, and powdered sugar — that are specifically designated as kosher should be used.

Chocolate cake is a popular Passover dessert.
Chocolate cake is a popular Passover dessert.

Flour-less chocolate cakes and cookies are not always as light and fluffy as regular treats, but they tend to be rich and flavorful. There are many different Passover dessert recipes for cakes and cookies that do not require flour. Two of the most popular holiday options are chocolate cake and cheesecake, which can even be made with a matzo meal crust. Cookies are a good option for a dessert that can be made in advance and kept on hand for an easy dessert.

Pudding, which contains no flour, is a good Passover dessert.
Pudding, which contains no flour, is a good Passover dessert.

Rich and decadent chocolate souffles can be a challenge to make for a novice baker, but many people enjoy eating these Passover desserts. Souffle batter can be made in advance and refrigerated until baked. This type of dessert is often cooked and served in individual ramekins. These tiny desserts should be watched carefully during baking to ensure that the middle of the souffle does not collapse in the oven.

Honey can be used to sweeten Passover desserts.
Honey can be used to sweeten Passover desserts.

Mousse and parfaits are light Passover desserts. A mousse can be made with chocolate or fruit, which is whipped with cream and then chilled. A parfait is usually a combination of fresh fruit and yogurt, pudding or ice cream that is layered in a dish or tall glass.

Dessert truffles are small, firm chocolate desserts. They are made from ganache, which is basically chocolate and cream melted together. There are a number of different recipes for these sweets. Additional flavorings can be added when melting the chocolate. Finished truffles are often rolled in a topping, such as crushed nuts.

Care must be paid when making Passover desserts for Seder dinner. The main feature of this meal is a meat course and, according to Jewish custom, meat and dairy should not be served in the same meal. For Seder dinner, a dessert that is both dairy-free and flour-free should be served. Many markets and specialty shops carry items such as dairy-free margarine and cream that can be used when making Passover desserts for the Seder meal.

Chocolate mousse is a light dessert option for Passover.
Chocolate mousse is a light dessert option for Passover.

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I've made a good many Passover desserts with artificial sweetener. They're good for that because they do rely on the sugar just for sweetening, so a lot of the desserts that use almond meal, for instance, are great for diabetics. I made a honey almond cake for Thanksgiving once and it turned out very well. It didn't take a lot of honey, and I substituted Splenda for the sugar, and you really couldn't tell it didn't have sugar in it. It was nicely sweet, but nothing that screamed artificial sweetening. I thought it worked really well in that recipe. You have to be careful, but I've been successful, so far.


I have a recipe for a flourless chocolate cake that is divine. A Jewish lady posted it online and called it her "chocolate nemesis cake." I made it for Christmas and it was scrumptious. Since it was flourless, the sugar was just for flavoring, so I used artificial sweetener and you could hardly tell the difference. It's one of the best desserts I've ever made.

I'm going to get some black cocoa powder and make it again, and I'm betting it will be even more marvelous! There's no such thing as too much chocolate! Maybe I'll make it for my husband for Valentine's Day. He likes chocolate, so that might be a good choice.

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