What are the Different Types of Nursery Wall Decals?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
Paint may be used to apply wall decor letters.
Paint may be used to apply wall decor letters.

Decorating a nursery with removable wall decorations is often a good idea since most homeowners will need to change the theme in just a few years as their baby becomes a toddler. Fortunately, nursery wall decals come in a few varieties, and are typically easy to apply and remove. One of the most common types is self-stick, which tends to be small and made of vinyl. Pre-pasted wall decals are also often available, and tend to include dried paint on the back that only needs water in order to be activated. While both self-stick and pre-pasted nursery wall decals are often small, it is usually possible to find larger stickers that cover an entire wall, as well.

The self-stick type of wall art is typically easy to apply, as it just needs to be pressed onto the wall and smoothed out. One of its main benefits is that it is usually easy to peel this type of sticker off the wall, whether to reposition it, or to remove it altogether. Additionally, since the typical self-stick decal is made of vinyl, it is not likely to rip as easily as paper, which means that it can last for years.

Some homeowners are worried about their nursery wall decals being too easy to remove, possibly endangering curious infants who peel them off. Fortunately, there is a different type of decal available for such parents, called a pre-pasted sticker. This type of wall art looks like a miniature version of wallpaper, as it is typically made of thick paper that has dried glue on the back. It can usually be activated with water, which means that homeowners can go over the decal with a wet sponge in order to make it stick to the wall. Though it is sometimes difficult to avoid ripping the paper while applying it to the wall, this kind of decoration is usually sturdy once dry, as it cannot be peeled off as easily as self-stick nursery wall decals.

Many parents use small decals to decorate their child's nursery, but some prefer using one large wall sticker instead of several little ones. Fortunately, it is usually possible to buy giant nursery wall decals that can cover most or all of a wall. This type of sticker is usually pre-pasted, and can be applied similar to wallpaper. In fact, the main difference between pre-pasted nursery wall decals and typical wallpaper is that there is usually no measuring and cutting involved in the decal. Trees, animals, and images of the ocean are among the most popular themes depicted in large wall decals.

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    • Paint may be used to apply wall decor letters.
      By: Rob
      Paint may be used to apply wall decor letters.