How Do I Choose the Best Baby Wall Decor?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann
A baby.
A baby.

Baby wall decor can set the tone for a nursery and help to create a desired atmosphere. Large baby wall decor items, such as wall murals, can serve as focal points in a room. Smaller items, such as coat pegs or alphabet letters, can be used individually or grouped for added visual interest. Consider adding customized artwork, wall hangings, and murals to your nursery for one-of-a-kind look.

Display your baby's name throughout his or her room. Use stencils or decals to spell out his or her name, or use ladybug wall plaques with letters to spell out the name in style. Custom art can also be used, such as photos or posters featuring your baby's name. In addition to names, decals and stencils featuring sayings and alphabet letters can also be applied to the walls. Another option is to place the names of different baby room items on the wall above the item, spelling out words such as "clock," "crib," and "door."

Cartoon characters can add whimsy to a room and serve as a decorating theme, as well. Choose colorful, cartoon-based wall decals, artwork, and soft sculptures for baby wall decor. Pick a theme, such as transportation, circus fun, or animals, and carry that theme onto the walls with decals, photos, and artwork. Stenciled designs and wallpaper borders can be used to decorate the top, middle, or bottom portions of walls. Patterns can also be painted on the wall, such as checkerboards, dominoes, or hopscotch blocks.

Hand-painted murals are a way to create a custom, one-of-a-kind nursery. You can paint the mural yourself, or hire an artist to bring your baby wall decor idea to fruition. Rainforests, castles, and beaches are some theme possibilities. In addition to painting a mural, pre-printed murals are also available in a variety of themes. Murals can be applied to just one wall, or multiple walls.

Shelves can serve as baby wall decor and offer an opportunity to display additional decorative items. For a modern look, choose glass, metal, or sleek-styled shelves. Carved wooden shelves and mirror-backed shadow boxes can be decorative on their own or filled with accessories. Decorative mirrors can be hung, leaned against the wall, or placed on shelves. Coat racks can also serve as baby wall decor as well as offer a place to hang baby clothing.

Your baby wall decor can be functional as well as aesthetic, including baby-themed clocks and thermometers. Artificial windows can be created on walls using paint, draperies, or an actual window frame. Soft sculptures, quilts, and tapestries can add homespun flair to a baby room. Lighted wall sconces are also available in a variety of colors and themes, and can be used to highlight artwork or put a finishing touch on your baby's room.

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    • A baby.
      A baby.