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What are the Different Types of Men's Fitted Shirts?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams

Men's fitted shirts are designed to fit the contours of a man's body. Intended to broaden the look of a man's shoulders while additionally narrowing the torso, men's fitted shirts come in variety sizes designed to fit men of all proportions. Men's fitted shirts often will feature a point collar, as it adds to the neat, tailored appearance desired by those men who favor these types of shirts.

Fitted dress shirts made for men are created from a variety of different types of materials. The most popular choices of materials tend toward those that stay well pressed, adding to the overall neat appearance desired when choosing this type of shirt. Often even when the material used to create men's fitted shirts is one that tends not to crease easily, the shirt will still be heavily starched so as to create an even more dramatic and stylized look.

A dress shirt.
A dress shirt.

There are both dress shirts and casual shirts that are classified as men's fitted shirts. The dressier shirts tend to be worn under suits, as their tailored style is more comfortable for the man wearing it. A fitted shirt creates less bulk, as there is less material used to make it and no bulky overage created by a looser fitting shirt. Men's fitted dress shirts come with and without pockets, and the material can be either of one hue or may exhibit a pattern or stripes.

Fitted dress shirts are often worn with suits.
Fitted dress shirts are often worn with suits.

A casual men's fitted shirt can be made of a jersey material but still create that slimming, dressier appearance. Those shirts that are more casual may be worn with a pair of nice dress slacks without a suit coat, or they can be worn with a pair of jeans for a classier look while still maintaining the overall casual dress attire.

While men's fitted dress shirts do not necessitate being custom made, there are many men who favor this approach, as it affords them a nearly perfect fit in a shirt. Men's fitted dress shirts can be found in nearly all men's clothing stores. The only requisite to buying men's fitted shirts is knowing the right size to buy. These types of shirts are not sold by size but by measurements. If a man does not know what his precise measurements are, they can easily be taken by a fitting department, which is offered in nearly all department stores.

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    • A dress shirt.
      By: Kira Nova
      A dress shirt.
    • Fitted dress shirts are often worn with suits.
      By: strippoli
      Fitted dress shirts are often worn with suits.