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What are the Different Types of Fitted Shirts?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

The different types of fitted shirts include closer-fitting, tapered upper garments for both men and women. There are fitted dress shirts and blouses available as well as more casual wear. Fitted t-shirts and undershirts allow for layering on top of them without excess fabric becoming bulky. Fitted shirts are sold in many different colors and patterns as well as sleeve lengths.

Short-sleeved men's fitted dress shirts are made for summer wear and warmer climates. They are ideal for wearing untucked over lightweight pants, as the bottom section near the hem is gently tapered rather than voluminous as in standard-fit shirts. Men's short-sleeved, fitted shirts may be in solid colors or patterned such as with solid, stripes or all-over designs.

Fitted dress shirts are not necessarily custom-made, and can be found at most department stores in a range of sizes.
Fitted dress shirts are not necessarily custom-made, and can be found at most department stores in a range of sizes.

Women's fitted summer weight shirts, or blouses, may be short-sleeved or sleeveless. Dressier versions of these types of fitted shirts feature notched collars, buttons and often darts at the bust for a more tailored fit. As with the men's warm weather fitted shirt styles, the colors and patterns available are wide. Whereas women's fitted shirt styles have seams or darts near the bust to add shaping without billowing amounts of fabric, men's versions are designed to give room at the chest while still being tapered to avoid excess material.

Longer-sleeved shirts with a tapered or tailored fit may be sold in light, medium or heavy weights of fabrics. Since all types of fitted shirts are designed to be much closer fitting to the body that standard-fitting garments, even the sleeves are usually more streamlined in shape. Athletic fit fitted shirt styles for men have ample room at the upper arms, neck and chest, while still keeping to an overall pared-down structure.

Fitted shirt styles may be categorized on clothing packages as "athletic," "slim" or "tailored" depending on the brand. Although the tapered qualities of fitted shirts suit slim-figured people since they may look "lost" in standard-fitted tops, a person of any size and build can look their best in this style. Full-figured ladies or men's shirts, for example, are designed to skim over bulges to flatter larger body types.

Undershirts and t-shirts with a fitted style tend to be made from stretchy rather than plain cotton. A stretchy, ribbed knit in fitted t-shirts and undershirts allows them to fit the body while still being comfortable. These types of pull-over fitted shirts may be thin and inexpensive or high-end, organic cotton or trendy styles.

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My favorite kind of fitted shirts are fitted dress shirts for men. I have this black one with gray pinstripes that I particularly love. Now, people used to tell me that I wouldn't look good in anything fitted, because I'm not in perfect shape. You know the story -- a family member or friend will go, "Sure, it looks good on a stick-thin model, but you're not exactly built like that."

Well, turns out I don't need to be! I just need an extra layer. I wear a stomach-shaping undershirt and then my nice form-fitted pinstriped dress shirt, and I look pretty slick if I do say so myself.

So, I wear not one, but two fitted shirts -- the undershirt and the dress shirt -- and it feels great knowing I look great, even though I'm not in the best shape. Anybody else a bit heavier out there reading this, give it a try -- you can look good in a fitted shirt style!


@aishia: Baby doll T-shirts are definitely more stylish for a lady to wear than the average unisex T-shirt, I agree. I think the scooped neckline style and the curve-hugging fitted shape make them a lot more girly.

Did you know that many of the places that sell T-shirts with designs printed on the front now sell the same exact designs on baby doll T-shirts? The baby doll design is so mainstream and popular that it's become basically the default "girl" type of T-shirt compared to the unisex one, which is now more like the "guy" one as far as T-shirt selling sites are concerned.

While baby doll T-shirts are great for being form-fitting on adult women, they also make really cute clothing for teens and little girls. The scoop neck style is rounded, but nowhere near a plunging neckline, so the style is appropriate for pretty much any age group that likes it.


My favorite ladies fitted shirt style is the baby doll T-shirt. It's a kind of T-shirt that is much more form-fitting than the average unisex T-shirt style, and is designed to show off a girl's curves by being tighter at the waist. Baby doll T-shirts are a longer style -- hip-length, so they show off the shape of a lady's whole torso and make it appear longer and leaner.

Baby doll T-shirts can have several different kinds of neckline, but the most common type they seem to have is a big round scoop-neck style collar. One of my favorite things about baby doll T-shirts is that they look great whether you're a teenager or a grown woman, they go equally well with jeans or a skirt, and the neckline makes them more feminine than a typical T-shirt.

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    • Fitted dress shirts are not necessarily custom-made, and can be found at most department stores in a range of sizes.
      By: Tombaky
      Fitted dress shirts are not necessarily custom-made, and can be found at most department stores in a range of sizes.