What Are the Different Types of Locksmith Jobs?

K. Kinsella
K. Kinsella
Locksmiths may use cutting machines to produce copies of keys.
Locksmiths may use cutting machines to produce copies of keys.

Locksmiths install and repair various types of locks and other security devices. Many people employed in this profession are self-employed while government agencies and security firms are among the types of entities that employ large numbers of people in locksmith jobs. Some individuals focus on certain types of devices such as car locks or safes while others provide locksmith services to a wide variety of consumer and business clients.

Municipal governments often employ people in locksmith jobs; these individuals are tasked with repairing or replacing the locks that are used in various types of public building such as schools, courthouses and even jails. In some instances, maintenance workers are responsible for replacing traditional locks and handles that are found in standard doors. Digital locks that are used to secure high security facilities are more complex, so those working with these devices must have a knowledge of electronics as well as basic mechanics. Therefore, many governments employ both non-skilled individuals in entry-level jobs and more seasoned professionals that are tasked with installing devices in jails and other secure locations.

Many people employed in locksmith jobs work for security firms, replacing locks whenever a home or commercial building changes hands and using cutting machines to produce duplicate copies of the keys that fit into the new locking device. Additionally, many of these individuals are also tasked with installing deadbolts, door chains and guards that provide property owners with an extra level of protection. Some security firms also employ locksmiths to install safes in banks and other secure locations. Like the individuals who work in jails, these individuals must have a basic knowledge of electronic since many safes have digital locking devices rather than traditional mechanical locks.

While many of the people employed in locksmith jobs are tasked with replacing or repairing devices, other people working in this field attempt to unlock safes, car doors and other types of secure locations. Some insurance providers and automobile firms employ mobile locksmiths who use wires and various tools to pry open doors when automobile owners inadvertently lock their keys inside their vehicles. Other people provide a similar service form homeowners who get trapped outside.

In some areas, colleges offer programs for potential locksmiths and students enrolled in these courses are normally familiarized with a wide range of devices including electronic devices and magnetic locks. Other people employed in locksmith jobs are high school graduates who received on-the-job training from experienced workers. Laws in some areas require individuals to pay for a license before working in this field and in some instances, the licensing process may include a practical examination.

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    • Locksmiths may use cutting machines to produce copies of keys.
      By: 00Ffilip
      Locksmiths may use cutting machines to produce copies of keys.