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What Are the Different Types of Laundry Room Tables?

S. Gonzales
S. Gonzales

Some people consider tables to be a necessity in laundry rooms. Without a smooth, hard surface on which to fold the laundry, organizing clothes can be very difficult. Although laundry room tables are available at stores, another type of laundry room table is one made at home out of scrap materials. Homeowners also might find other surfaces in their homes that can double as makeshift laundry tables.

There are many laundry room table options that are available to homeowners. Department stores and home improvement stores often offer laundry room tables for purchase. They all have the same basic formation of being a flat surface that can be used to fold clothes on, and they can range from inexpensive to being extremely costly.

Laundry detergent.
Laundry detergent.

Laundry room tables also can be made at home. Constructing a laundry table at home can have the effect of saving money. Laundry tables can be made out of scrap materials that are already lying around a house. A benefit of custom-building a laundry room table is that homeowners can create a table to their own specifications. Dimensions of a laundry room and the height of the person most frequently using the table can factor into its construction.

Laundry-folding tables also can be created out of old tables that have been modified and moved into a laundry room. Melamine-coated boards can be affixed to a table's top to provide a better folding surface. If buying boards is not an option, a combination of paint and polyurethane can give a table's top a boost.

Buying or constructing laundry room tables doesn't have to put a dent in a homeowner's wallet, and many tables can be made out of recycled materials. For instance, if there isn't enough space in a laundry room for a table, homeowners can make already-existing surfaces multifunctional. Ironing boards can double as tables. Even washing machines and dryers, with their lids shut, can provide a temporary surface on which to fold clothes. A flat surface placed over top of the washing machine and dryer can serve as a temporary laundry room table.

If space is an especially important consideration, homeowners can consider laundry room tables that fold up for storage. Some folding tables can be exceptionally strong, supporting more than the average person's weight, and can be mounted onto a wall and brought down to be used. When a homeowner is finished folding clothes, the table can be folded up again, freeing space in the room. Another way around a space issue is using a rolling table that can be brought into the laundry room when it is needed. After the laundry has been done, the table can be transported back into another area, such as a closet, where it can stay without impeding movement in the laundry room.

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    • Laundry detergent.
      By: elena korn
      Laundry detergent.