How do I Choose the Best Laundry Table?

Sheri Cyprus

The best laundry table for you should fit well in the space you have as well as give you enough room to fold clean clothing and linens. For some a folding variety may work best, while for others an old dining or custom laundry table could be preferable. Whatever style of table you pick for your laundry area, make sure the height is efficient for folding clothes.

Laundry detergent.
Laundry detergent.

You shouldn't have to hunch over the table for folding, as this may be harmful for your back. Instead, choose a laundry table at a comfortable height for standing. Consider adding a cushioning mat for your feet in the area where you will stand in front of the table. Adding a chair by the table to give you the option of folding laundry while sitting down can be a great idea as well.

Laundry tables should easily fit in the laundry room but be large enough to hold clothing to be folded.
Laundry tables should easily fit in the laundry room but be large enough to hold clothing to be folded.

To make use of the space under the table, you may want to store hampers on wheels that can be removed and replaced from that area easily. If you decide on a custom laundry table, you may want to have built-in shelving or cabinets underneath it. The main advantage of picking a custom table is that you can have it created to your liking. If you have a contractor build it, a major disadvantage is that it's likely to be fairly expensive, but if you use the table regularly and it enhances the overall decor of your home, then having it custom made could be a good investment.

A budget-friendly laundry folding option is to use an old dining table in the space. If you don't have one of your own to recycle, a neighborhood garage sale or thrift store may be a successful source. Painting or re-staining the secondhand laundry table to match cupboards or other storage in the space can make it look more coordinated in your home.

A folding laundry table may be an excellent choice if you have limited space available. This way, the table may be folded flat when it's not in use. Some folding tables attach to the side of a cabinet while others are wall-mounted. You may want to choose a coordinating shelf to fit on the wall above a folding table so you have more space; in general, this style tends to be smaller than other types. Another option, for any kind of table you select for your laundry area, is to hang shelving above it for extra storage.

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