What are the Different Types of Ladder Accessories?

T. L. Childree
T. L. Childree
A ladder.
A ladder.

Many different types of ladder accessories can be used to enhance the performance of this tool. Most ladder accessories are utilized for safety reasons, but some are for convenience or storage. Planks can be placed between two ladders to provide a type of scaffolding and levelers are typically used to smooth out uneven footing surfaces. Platforms are designed to hold a variety of tools and equipment while standoffs keep the top of the ladder stable at great heights. Jacks hold planks firmly in place, and racks are useful for securely storing ladders.

Placing a plank between two ladders allows a person to walk safely along a work area at any height. Planks are available in aluminum or wooden models. Aluminum planks are somewhat safer than wooden variants because of their non-slip surface. Telescopic aluminum planks can be extended to different lengths and are relatively easy to carry and store when collapsed. These ladder accessories save a great deal of time by eliminating the need for frequent ladder relocation.

Levelers are typically used to stabilize the base of a ladder on uneven or sloping surfaces. These ladder accessories help prevent accidents caused by shifting and tipping. An adapter attaches to the bottom of the ladder to quickly connect the device. Levelers can be adjusted for use on stairs and steep slopes. This accessory also works well in areas of soft or unstable soil.

Platform ladder accessories serve a variety of useful purposes. These devices are very popular among professionals and homeowners. A platform typically attaches to the rungs of the ladder and serves as an above ground base area. Once this device is attached, it swings out of the way until needed. Platforms hold tools and equipment and provide a flat surface to stand on while working.

Standoffs are designed to keep the top of a ladder steady when it is fully extended. This device consists of a set of wide arms that attach to the top of the ladder. The ladder top is typically held a short distance from the surface to allow work to be performed directly in front of it. The extra width provided by the standoff prevents the ladder from sliding or twisting when extended to its full height. Standoff ladder accessories typically have rubber tips for additional safety.

Jacks keep planks from slipping off of the ladder rungs during use. These ladder accessories can be easily adjusted to fit planks of varying widths. This jack and plank combination will usually transform two ordinary ladders into a safe and sturdy scaffold. Racks are also available to help store various types of ladders. These racks come in different sizes and can be wall or ceiling mounted.

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@mobilian33 - You should pay close attention to the final paragraph in this article. If you have two ladders then the jacks like mentioned in the article should be exactly what you need. This does take a little work to get the jacks, planks and rungs all lined up correctly, so depending on your physical ability this could be easy or not so easy.

You might want to try one of the new designs of versatile ladders. These are basically one ladder, but the ways they are able to fold and bend make then easy to put in different positions. You could easily make a horizontal walkway with one of these and it would be less work than with regular ladders and accessories.


Because of the lack of sunlight shining on my house and the damp conditions, I have to spray my siding from time to time to remove the mildew and mold. I use a sprayer or a spray bottle and I have to climb on a ladder to reach much of the siding. Just how safe are the ladder accessories you add to ladders?

I would like to have something simple that allows me to spray the high spots on the house without having to keep moving the ladder, and climbing up and down. This would make the job much easier, but I need something safe and easy to assemble.

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    • A ladder.
      A ladder.