What are the Different Types of Kitchen Wall Decorations?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Kitchen wall decorations can be both attractive and functional.
Kitchen wall decorations can be both attractive and functional.

Many kitchen wall decorations are available in the form of plates, posters and plaques. Some people like to decorate their kitchen walls with decals, wallpaper or mirror tiles while others prefer decorative clocks or metal rails that hold cooking tools. In old fashioned or country kitchens, embroidered wall hangings or pictures may decorate the walls.

Cross-stitch embroidered wall art is popular in country style kitchens. These may include motifs of farm animals, food or flowers or they could have a saying or poem included in the design. These types of handmade kitchen wall decorations may be wall hangings without frames or they could be in the form of framed pictures.

In more modern kitchens, decorations may me minimal so as to present a streamlined aesthetic. The only thing close to kitchen wall decorations in a modern industrial style loft home for instance may be metal railings to which cooking items such as contemporary-styled utensils or stainless steel spice containers are attached. In other kitchens, especially small ones, mirror tiles may take the place of more decorative wall accents. Their reflective quality can help the kitchen appear larger as other walls will be reflected to give the illusion of more cupboards and counters.

In a kitchen will a bolder style of wallpaper design, only a few decorative wall pieces may be used so that the overall look isn't too overwhelming or cluttered. In lieu of wallpaper, a more modern interior decor may include decals that can be applied to a painted background surface. The wall decals, or tattoos, may be of kitchen-themed motifs such as cookware or foods.

Kitchen wall plaques are available in many different looks and styles. Some of these are whimsical or humorous in design. Many of these kinds of kitchen wall decorations include text such as "Grandma's Kitchen" or "Kitchen Closed For Repairs." Others may feature hand painted designs on wood planks. Posters featuring food-related subjects are often framed and used as kitchen wall decorations. Many kitchen wall clocks are decorative in their design and these range from country styled to modern.

Plates are extremely popular kitchen wall decorations. A kitchen may have only one decorative plate hung on a small, narrow wall or it could house a large collection of plates. In addition to simply hanging a plate with a picture hook or other hardware on a wall, there are different ways to display plates on kitchen walls. For instance, wooden racks may be attached to a wall to hold a set of plates or scrolled, wrought iron plate holders may decorate kitchen walls.

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@croydon - I think most kitchens have some kind of space that isn't likely to get dirty. People don't use precious heirlooms as kitchen wall art, but if someone is a really prolific cross stitcher then I'm sure they wouldn't mind if their work was exposed to possible kitchen stains.

If you put a pane of glass in front of it, the potential problem is easily solved anyway.


@bythewell - That sounds really neat. Decals are a pretty good idea for a kitchen, but I think most kitchens are too crowded to really fit them in. Decals look best on a fairly uncluttered wall unless they are positioned really really well.

I use a compromise with some small paintings that have been covered with resin.

They are all of various fruits and vegetables and they've all been completely waterproofed with a layer of resin on top of the paint.

So if anything gets onto them, I can just wipe them clean again. And the shininess of the resin works kind of well with the rest of the kitchen.

I think resin coated art was originally created as bathroom wall decor but it can work just as well in the kitchen.


Wall decals have become really popular in the last few years and they work really well in a kitchen, if you can find the space for them.

I've got a neat one on my cupboard door that has Winnie the Pooh and Piglet looking up at the handle as though they wanted me to open it and get them out a jar of honey.

It's more for the kids than for me, but I think it looks really good, without being too obtrusive or being something that can get in the way when you're cooking.

It's also fairly cheap and hard wearing so I don't have to worry about it getting stained or covered with grease or anything like that. And I would worry about that if I had a painting or a cross stitch pattern or something hanging on the wall.

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    • Kitchen wall decorations can be both attractive and functional.
      By: Lilyana Vynogradova
      Kitchen wall decorations can be both attractive and functional.