What Are the Different Types of Kitchen Chalkboards?

Mary Ellen Popolo
Mary Ellen Popolo
A chalk holder under a chalkboard.
A chalk holder under a chalkboard.

A chalkboard can be both a decorative and functional element in a kitchen. They are available in assorted sizes from small magnetic boards that are hung on the refrigerator to larger wall boards and freestanding easel models. Specialty paint can be used to paint a chalkboard area directly onto a kitchen surface, allowing the homeowner to choose the exact size and location of the chalkboard. Chalkboard calendars, decorative chalkboards, and peel-and-stick kitchen chalkboards are also available.

In most homes, the kitchen is a busy spot and the center of activity, making it a great location for a chalkboard. Small models are handy for jotting down items needed from the store, while larger chalkboards can be used by active families to keep track of schedules. In addition to being functional, kitchen chalkboards can be fun. Children can write on the chalkboard while parents tend to kitchen chores or guests can leave a note for the hostess when attending a party.

Specialty chalkboard paint can be applied to virtually any clean, smooth surface to create one of the most unique types of kitchen chalkboards. Wall surfaces, kitchen doors and cupboard doors are just a few places that can be transformed into kitchen chalkboards when their surfaces are painted with chalkboard paint. Appliances, such as the dishwasher or refrigerator, can also be painted, creating a chalkboard surface that can also give a new look to old or outdated appliances.

Chalkboard calendars and wall planners are another type of kitchen chalkboard. The calendars are available in both peel and stick versions as well as in framed styles, both of which are available in a variety of sizes. These chalkboards usually have permanent markings for the calendar boxes, but the boxes are blank leaving the user to fill in the correct days and dates for the calendar. When the month or week ends, the board is erased and set up for the new time period.

Kitchen chalkboards can also be a decorative accent in a kitchen. Chalkboards with images of roosters or fruit, for instance, will match a kitchen with the same theme. Plain boards can have wooden or colored frames in a choice of colors, making it easy to pick one to match the color scheme of the kitchen where it will be used.

One other unique type of kitchen chalkboard are peel and stick versions, also known as wall stickers or wallies. These fun and decorative mini chalkboards come in a variety of sizes and shapes, such as teapots or fruits as well as common shapes like squares, circles, and rectangles. Chalkboard wall border is yet another option for a kitchen chalkboard. Both wall stickers and border are easy to apply and remove when necessary.

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    • A chalk holder under a chalkboard.
      By: sklyarova
      A chalk holder under a chalkboard.