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What Are the Different Types of Music Decor?

Lori Kilchermann
Lori Kilchermann

Music is often called the universal language, and music decor is abundant in all styles. Keyboard and guitar themes are popular items for lamps, clocks and wall decals. Music decor is also available made from unwanted and non-working instruments, including French horns and clarinets.

Wall decals depicting music notes can adorn walls, and musical-themed wallpaper and borders are also available. For the bathroom, shower curtains with musical notes or rock and roll bands are available, including Kiss, Pink Floyd and AC/DC. Images of keyboards can adorn bathroom trash cans, and towel racks feature musical notes. Music decor for the bathroom also includes toilet seats shaped like electric guitars and pianos, and sheet music toilet tissue is also available.

Many music afficionados decorate their homes with antique electric guitars.
Many music afficionados decorate their homes with antique electric guitars.

Old or non-working instruments and musical equipment can be used as music decor. Guitars, basses and violins can be used individually or in groups as wall hangings. Old or unused French horns, saxophones and flutes can also be given new life as wall hangings. Instruments and musical equipment that can be stacked, such as drums, speakers and guitar cases, can be artfully arranged in a corner vignette.

Keyboards are a popular inspiration for musical decor.
Keyboards are a popular inspiration for musical decor.

Musical statues and figurines are available in a variety of materials, including metal and porcelain. Some figurines depict musicians playing instruments, while others are of the instruments themselves. Free-standing treble clefs and wall-hanging musical notes are also available. Small crystal grand pianos, violin-shaped bookends and plush rock guitar pillows are other types of music decor.

For the wall, musical-themed tapestries, wall hangings and framed record albums are offered. Floor lamps made from clarinets and electric guitars can help perpetuate a music theme in a room. Electric guitar light switch covers and brass electric guitar clocks can be used in a rock-themed room. Statues of famous composers, chamber music wall clocks and symphony glass desk clocks can add a classical touch to music decor. For acoustic guitar artists, guitar-shaped candle holders, desk clocks and wood shelves are available.

Some music decor choices for the bedroom includes guitar-shaped tables, keyboard motif CD racks and framed musician silhouettes. Piano-inspired headboards, sheet music-styled bed linens and music-inspired comforters are also offered. Music-inspired patterns on pillows and cushions are also available.

Glass electric guitar lamps, miniature piano desk clocks and cymbal wall clocks are other types of music decor. A variety of musical wall clocks are available, including a circle of fifths, circle of guitars and drum heads. Engraved granite plaques are offered featuring keyboards, violins and clarinets. Library music stands, musical dolls and miniature instruments can also be used to promote a musical theme in a room.

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@OeKc05 – I have a friend who is great at acoustic guitar, and he has gone overboard with the music décor. Your pick clock and mat sound cool, but he has stuff in every room of his house.

The bathroom is no exception. He has an acoustic guitar-shaped toilet lid with a matching seat. It is made of brown wood and you can see the grain in it, so it looks like a real guitar.

The lid even has a pickguard and a painted black circle where the hole would be. The lid is just wide enough in the right part to cover the actual hole in the toilet seat.

I have no problem with his guitar-shaped lamp or his guitar-covered shower curtain. However, I think decorating the toilet is going overboard.


I play acoustic guitar, and I am always drawn to music décor when I go shopping. I once saw a clock in the shape of a guitar pick, and I had to have it.

The pick is huge and orange, and the texture and thickness of it mimics that of a real pick. The clock itself is a white circle outlined by what looks like the mouth of a guitar, because six strings run outward from either side of it.

I also have a welcome mat shaped like a guitar pick. It has the word “welcome” scribed in cursive diagonally across the middle.


My nephew is a genius at the piano. He is only eleven, and he has already composed several original songs on it, so it seemed fitting to get him a musical gift for his birthday.

I was able to find a white comforter covered in sheet music. It was an actual song, and the bars and notes covered the front of the comforter. The notes didn't get cut off at the edges, because they wrapped around to the next line, so he could actually play the song by looking at the comforter!

He absolutely loved it. He told me that he often caught himself tapping out the notes to the song with his fingers on the comforter as he tried to fall asleep.


I received a miniature decorative piano as a Christmas gift from my cousin. It was actually a type of music box, and it was elegantly carved.

When I propped up the lid of the piano with the small golden rod underneath it, it would begin playing music. It could play three different songs, and it alternated between them every time I raised the lid.

To stop it, I would simply lower the lid. It worked off of three double-A batteries, and I could tell when they needed replacing, because the music would start to drag and sound creepy.

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    • Many music afficionados decorate their homes with antique electric guitars.
      By: mekcar
      Many music afficionados decorate their homes with antique electric guitars.
    • Keyboards are a popular inspiration for musical decor.
      By: NorGal
      Keyboards are a popular inspiration for musical decor.