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What Are the Different Types of Hijab Wedding Veils?

Donna Tinus
Donna Tinus

There are many styles of hijab wedding veils available, so the Muslim woman who dresses in the hijab style need not abandon her hijab on her wedding day. Hijab wedding veils are available in a wide variety of styles and colors. A woman who prefers the simplicity of a plain hijab can choose from many colors and fabrics, including white and black. If the bride prefers something more stylish or ornamental, she can choose from a collection of jewels, lace, or other embellishments that commonly adorn the luxury bridal hijab. A Muslim bride who is shopping for a veil should have no trouble finding something suitable to match her wedding gown.

If a bride has a tiara, or wants to be a princess for a day and purchase one, she can wrap her head in a simple hijab head scarf, then place the tiara on top. The head scarf can be made of silk, satin, tulle, or other elegant fabric. Lace on the veil will take attention away from the tiara and should be avoided, unless its a small amount and complements the tiara. The fabric is wrapped tightly around the head, and pinned in place in the back, at the base of the head. This bridal hijab is then fanned out at the crown.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Hijab wedding veils are available in various wedding-inspired colors. These veils can match the bride's wedding gown, or add color to a white wedding dress. These wedding hajib scarfs are usually offered for purchase in pastel shades of orange, yellow, and aquamarine, among other colors. They are also available in vibrant jewel tones, such as green, red, or purple.

Many luxurious hijab wedding veils have pearls, lace, or other decoration to enhance and add beauty to the wedding hijab. These beautiful veils can offer a bride a delicate turban-style hijab with lace appliques, or something more highly decorated. Elegant bridal veils be heavily adored with pearls that cascade down the front of the veil then back up the other side.

Some traditional brides may want a plain, black bridal hijab. This hijab wedding veil is usually long, so it can also cover the neck area. These are typically pinned under the chin to be sure no neckline is visible. Traditional Muslim brides may also wear a pair of black gloves to cover their hands. The gown will go down to the floor, ensuring nothing is visible other than the bride's face.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book