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What Are the Different Types of Hemp Purses?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

There are many different types of hemp purses, including hand bags and satchels. The items are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Colors, additional fabrics, and types of fasteners used may vary, depending on the overall style. Additionally, some purses made from hemp are mass produced while others are handmade, which could be important to some people. Many people choose a hemp purse because they prefer an alternative to leather purses.

One type of hemp purse is very small in size and is meant for carrying basic items such as a wallet and keys. This type of purse consists of a small hemp bag attached to a string or strap. The string or strap, which often is made from hemp, may be of varying length. Some people like to hang small hemp purses off the shoulder, but small purses may have short handles or no straps of any kind and are meant to be held in the hand.

Hemp can sometimes be used as an alternate material to leather in purses.
Hemp can sometimes be used as an alternate material to leather in purses.

Some hemp purses are large in size and may be referred to as satchels or tote bags. Large purses usually have a strap long enough to rest on the shoulder because they can accommodate heavy items that would be difficult to hold for long periods of time. If the item is short and wide or is designed to look like luggage, the purse often will have short handles.

Hemp purse styles are no different from regular purses. In fact, some of the purses are made to resemble ordinary purses with outer pockets, zippers, and stylistic elements such as metal buckles or clasps. Hemp fashion bags may be designed to match current or past fashion trends as well. Many hemp purses, however, feature natural styles and designs that set them apart from other types of purses.

Some hemp purses are mass produced, while others are handmade. One of the key differences between the two is that handmade items may be unique, one-of-a-kind creations, while bulk produced purses are one of many that have been made with same design. Hemp purses are also sometimes made by individuals for themselves, often as a hobby project.

A hemp purse may feature other fabrics as well. For instance, patches of hand-dyed fabrics in bright colors may be added to the outside or inside of the purse. The straps may be made of metal chains or fabrics other than hemp.

Pockets and fasteners used in the design of a hemp purse may depend on the overall style of the item. Natural-looking hemp may have straps that appear to be tied on and pockets with no zippers, buttons, or fasteners. Dyed-hemp purses with modern looks may have visible zippers or buckles. Either type may use natural-looking or vintage buttons made from wood, shell, or other natural source.

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    • Hemp can sometimes be used as an alternate material to leather in purses.
      By: LoloStock
      Hemp can sometimes be used as an alternate material to leather in purses.