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What Are the Different Types of Purse Hangers?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

There are two basic types of purse hangers: individual hangers for temporary use and purse storage hangers that hold multiple purses. Typically, individual hangers suspend a purse from a table or desk while the owner of the bag sits for short period of time. Storage hangers are often used in personal closets, stores, and costume wardrobes to organize purses.

An individual purse hanger is typically made of a disc with an attached hook. The disc lies on the edge of a flat surface and the hook dangles off the edge. The purse is hung on the hook, and its weight secures the disc to the flat surface. The purse hanger is meant to be a convenient but out of the way place for the purse that avoids putting the purse on the floor.

The design of individual purse hangers is much the same, regardless of the brand. Typically, the disc is decorated with an attractive stone or engraved with a witty phrase or word. The hangers are typically made of metal alloy and are inexpensive.

A faux fur purse.
A faux fur purse.

Storage purse hangers are available with either hooks or pockets and cubbies.The cubby, or pocket, design is sometimes preferred because the purse isn't hung from its strap, which can sometimes cause the purse to stretch out of shape. This type of hanger is usually made of a sturdy fabric or flexible plastic. There are usually six to ten pockets, and the unit usually hangs from the clothing rod of a closet.

A leather purse.
A leather purse.

Horizontal hook style purse hangers are usually attached to the wall. There may be one or more rows of hooks, usually made of metal. An alternative is the vertical purse hanger, which is usually hung from a door. Its hooks are also made of metal, but the rest of the unit can be made of a flexible material.The advantage of the hook design is that it takes up very little space, can be attached to a wall or door, and can accommodate many purses.

Purse hangers used by stores are usually called displays and can be free standing units or wall units. Typically, these are heavy duty and made to hold dozens of purses at once. Common materials are wood, metal, and some hard plastics. Although many are designed with only function and practicality in mind, others are quite decorative. As with personal purse hangers, purse displays may be designed vertically or horizontally.

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    • A faux fur purse.
      By: claireliz
      A faux fur purse.
    • A leather purse.
      By: Sam D'Cruz
      A leather purse.