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What are the Different Types of Green Industry Jobs?

Felicia Dye
Felicia Dye

The phrase going green refers to efforts to become environmentally friendly. The rapid expansion of these efforts has created a diverse green industry that includes a wide variety of jobs. These include positions in research, manufacturing, and education. Green industry jobs have also been created for writers, landscapers, and alternative energy engineers.

Research and development is an ever-expanding sector of the green industry. Both governments and private organizations are investing significant amounts of money and providing a wide range of incentives to companies that can introduce new products and services to accommodate green trends. Research and development operations provide jobs for scientists, lab assistants, and researchers. Once technology is developed, products need to be produced. As such, various types of manufacturing jobs are created.

Installing solar panels is one way to have a green industry job.
Installing solar panels is one way to have a green industry job.

In many instances, green industry jobs are highly specialized and utilize new and evolving technology. To qualify for available positions, it is often necessary for individuals to get relevant education, which has led to the need for teachers and professors. Sometimes it may not be necessary for individuals to complete an entire program, but they may need to attend seminars and training courses, which increases the opportunities for those interested in educational positions.

Landscaping is a common industry in many places. Green landscaping is an example of a sector that may require a person to get instruction before qualifying for a job. The products, tools, and techniques that are used to provide these services are often drastically different from traditional tools and methods. As consumers become more environmentally aware, the demand for this type of specialized landscaping grows.

There are a wide range of green industry jobs for writers. The surge in educational demand in this industry results in the need for curriculum writers. These individuals are given the tasks of developing instructional materials on a variety of topics, such as construction, energy, and public policy. The increased demand for information has led to jobs created for journalists and article writers. Furthermore, as new products and services are developed, more businesses are seeking press release writers.

A major part of going green is finding clean sources of energy. Implementing energy changes in energy sources provides employment opportunities for engineers. It also creates positions for those interested in construction, such as green architects and solar panel installers. A person who is more interested in social justice may consider green industry jobs in the areas of law or activism.

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@rundocuri- I think that you have a good idea, because it sounds like your relative can be on the cutting-edge of green landscaping where he lives when he starts his business. This could mean that a lot of customers will find him because they are also trying to live as "green" as possible.

I have a friend who has a landscaping company, and he features a lot of green landscaping options for his customers. These range from using energy-saving tools to landscape to placing trees and shrubs in locations that will create shade and insulation for lowering energy usage. A lot of his customers love these green industry ideas because they want to do what they can to protect the earth.


I have a relative who is planning to start his own landscaping business this year. He lives in an area where the people are gradually becoming more conscious about green industries and the movement to protect the environment. I had never heard of green landscaping until I read this article, but I'm going to suggest to my relative that research some green landscaping ideas for his new business.

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    • Installing solar panels is one way to have a green industry job.
      By: Aania
      Installing solar panels is one way to have a green industry job.