What Are the Different Types of Event Management Qualifications?

Laura M. Sands
Laura M. Sands
Event management qualifications include multitasking skills.
Event management qualifications include multitasking skills.

A diploma, certificate and a degree are three of the basic types of formal event management qualifications. People may also become event managers through on-the-job training that produces direct experience. In addition to earning event management certification through formal training, most job descriptions include experience as being one of the primary event management qualifications needed to obtain work. Other event management qualifications include natural abilities, such as multitasking, effective communication, troubleshooting and strong organizational skills.

Several colleges and universities offer event management training. Through such programs an individual is able to take steps toward becoming an event manager by successfully completing specific coursework in a program designed to teach multiple facets of event management. As many options are made available, students may choose to earn a certificate of completion or a bachelor’s degree or higher in event management. In many cases, a diploma is awarded as proof that coursework in a particular program has been completed. Each of these event management qualifications are valued within the industry, although different clients and employers may prefer certain formal qualifications over others.

Some event managers do not have formal classroom training, but have become qualified in their professions by directly working to organize special events, meetings and conferences. Getting qualifications through experience can be quite valuable to those in the event planning industry, particularly when presenting the details of past event successes to prospective clients. Experiential event management qualifications are often gained through working as supportive staff for an individual event manager or for an event management company. Regardless of the types of qualifications one selects to earn through formal training, most clients and event management companies also require event managers to have a certain amount of experience before being allowed to work on a new project.

In addition to different types of training and experience, an event manager is expected to have certain innate skills and qualities to effectively perform this type of work. For instance, due to the nature of this business, event managers must be very detail-oriented and well-organized. The ability to successfully engage in several tasks at one time is also one of the most necessary event management qualifications, as is the ability to communicate well with others through written and oral communication. Whether a manager has formal or experiential qualifications or a combination of both, her or his success in the industry is often directly related to the development of these innate skills.

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    • Event management qualifications include multitasking skills.
      Event management qualifications include multitasking skills.