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What are the Different Types of Door Shelves?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus

The different kinds of door shelves make use of entryway space. This may be the entry to a kitchen cupboard or the door to a bedroom, bathroom or other room. Pantry, spice racks, over-the-door and custom built shelf solutions are some of the different kinds of door shelves.

Custom built shelving may be as simple as a single shelf mounted above a door or a series of shelves located around the door. While the above-the-door custom shelf should hold something light in weight like a basket, the surrounding door shelves can be sturdier to hold an entire library. Having the door in the center of a large wall full of shelved books can make a focal-point library out of any size of room.

The shelves found in refrigerator doors are designed to be space-saving.
The shelves found in refrigerator doors are designed to be space-saving.

Wire over-the-door shelves are popular space savers that can be used in basically any type of room with an entry door. In bathrooms, they're often used to hold extra supplies of soap, shampoo and the like, while in laundry rooms, over-the-door styles of shelves may store dryer sheets and other small items. Over-the-door types of door shelves are typically narrow. The open door has to be close enough to the wall to allow adequate room in the doorway.

Spice racks made to hang in the inside of kitchen cupboard doors help save space and keep small items easily accessible. Rather than just holding jars of spices, these rack style door shelves may help cooks keep track of small, miscellaneous things such as fresh garlic bulbs, egg cups and birthday candles. Of course, these spice rack shelves may also be placed for storage in other rooms such as inside closets to hold pieces of jewelry.

Pantry door shelves may be in the form of pull-out shelving in a kitchen. These shelves are usually narrow, but allow enough height to store tall bottles and jars. The basic idea of this door shelf style is to add a sliding shelf unit to a kitchen that may not have a separate pantry room next to it. Some pantry door shelving is designed to make better use of wasted space between kitchen cabinets and the refrigerator.

Refrigerator door shelves are another type of kitchen space-saving shelf. As many opened jars and bottles of foods can't be stored in the cupboard, but must be refrigerated, this type of door shelf design makes that possible. Some refrigerator door shelf designs are glass, while others may be plastic or metal.

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    • The shelves found in refrigerator doors are designed to be space-saving.
      By: Brian Jackson
      The shelves found in refrigerator doors are designed to be space-saving.