What are the Different Types of Display Cases?

Katharine Swan
Katharine Swan
Woman shopping
Woman shopping

Many collectors prefer to keep the items in display cases, which allow them to be viewed without exposing them to dust, sunlight, or other damaging factors. Cases of all sizes are usually made of wood, metal, or plastic, with glass or acrylic panels that allow the collectibles to be viewed. Many feature glass with a UV resistant coating, which protects items from fading with exposure to sunlight.

Sometimes called display cabinets, cases come in many different sizes and shapes and are often made to hold a large number of collectibles. Large cases are often solidly built and feature interior lights, similar to those seen in antique and jewelry stores. Some cabinets are themselves antiques, and can include china cabinets, curio cabinets, and bookcases. Custom display cases can be made to hold large collections, such as cabinets for model cars, in which the shelves are all set at specific heights in order to accommodate smaller objects.

Display cases also come in smaller sizes, so that a collector can display one or two choice collectibles. Hobby stores usually sell cabinets sized for model cars, trucks, airplanes, or ships. Hobby stores also often sell dome-shaped cases for dolls, figurines, or flower displays. These generally have wooden or plastic bases, with a dome-shaped or rectangular cover made out of glass or acrylic.

Some shops will also make custom display cases according to their customers' orders. Depending on the store, custom cases can be made for one specific collectible, usually a large collectible, or with shelves to display a few choice collectibles. When measuring for custom cabinets, individuals should be sure to include sufficient room to surround the collectibles in the measurements.

Display cases are important investment for people who are a serious collectors. Collectibles left in open air can become coated with a thick layer of dust over time, as well as being left vulnerable to sunlight and other damaging factors. A well made case ensures that the collection will be around to enjoy in the years to come.

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    • Woman shopping
      Woman shopping