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What Are the Different Types of Diner Booths?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Diner booths can be custom made according to preferred heights, weights and lengths, and are typically available in specific designs or themes. Many restaurant owners prefer modular diner booths, as these may offer the versatility of adding additional pieces as needed. Retro diner booths are reminiscent of the 50s style diner seating, while channel back booths are often made with a modern design. Most diner booths are made to accommodate two people, although double booths feature seating on either side, and single booths are made for one occupant. Various types of vinyl or fabric are used for making diner booths, and some feature wood trim or hidden storage.

Modular restaurant booths are often created as corner units. Some of these styles are referred to as circle or half circle booths, due to the arch design of each piece. Modular circle booths offer the option of putting two, three or four pieces together. It's common for these styles to seat up to four people. Quarter circle diner booths also have an arch design, although they generally seat only two people.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Another style of custom-made diner booth features an L shaped design. As the name implies, this booth is shaped like the letter "L" and may be available in a variety of sizes and a wide array of colors. The L shaped diner booths are not designed to be grouped together with other pieces, as many modular circle booths are.

Many restaurants and diners feature booths with customized logos or company names. The company name or logo may be imprinted on the front or back of the diner booth. Some booths are also trimmed with cherry or oak wood, and feature a head roll for comfort.

Although not commonly produced, there are some restaurant booths that are made with a hidden compartment for storage. The storage is typically underneath the seat of the booth. Restaurant owners often find this feature convenient for storing necessary items like napkins and accessories.

A restaurant that features a 50s theme may be furnished with a vintage style or retro diner booth. This nostalgic look reflects the style that was seen in American diners during the 1950s. Often produced in bright colors such as red, yellow or blue, the retro look restaurant booths are typically made with a smooth vinyl. A classic style of retro booth is the 1950s Chevrolet V back design.

Restaurant and diner booths are not limited to commercial use. Many kitchens in residential homes are also furnished with diner-style booths of various types. Depending upon the kitchen decor, a diner booth for a private home may have contemporary styling or wood finish.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing