What Are the Different Types of Christian Decor?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
Statues of religious figures are common in Christian decor.
Statues of religious figures are common in Christian decor.

Christian decor includes everything from Christian wall art to religious-inspired statues and figurines. The statues may be sculpted in the form of a saint, while artwork often depicts a religious scene that represents Christianity. Functional, decor such as a wall clock or mirror, will typically have Christian graphics or etchings.

Other functional pieces in Christian decor include bookends. These may be made of wood, pewter, or brass and are often in the shape of a cross or praying hands. Bookends that depict a nativity scene are appropriate home decor at Christmastime. Platters or serving trays with Bible quotes are also used during the holidays, and are functional as well. Decorative plates are also used as Christian decor and are typically displayed on a table stand.

Porcelain figurines are a popular type of Christian decor. Inspirational or spiritual verses may be inscribed on the figures. Some of these religious accent pieces are musical. Musical jewelry boxes with a religious theme are commonly given as communion presents for young girls.

Christian-style home decor may also consist of throws or afghans. Many are quilted, with hand-sewn embroidery. Spiritual throws and quilts may have a Bible quote or prayer inscribed on them and are often given as gifts. Additionally, Christian decor may consist of baby blankets, often given as welcome-home gifts for newborn babies.

Prayer rooms often include Christian decor, and some of the most practical home decorations are inspirational picture frames. Metal and wood are commonly used for framing photographs, many of which are religious pictures. Christian wall art often contains drawings or paintings of Christ, or Bible scriptures.

Interior decorations for the kitchen are another type of Christian decor. These are most commonly seen in hand towels, potholders, and oven mitts. Many of these designs include quotes from the Bible. Cookie jars with inspirational verses are another decor idea.

Tableware may be considered Christian decor, as some dinnerware sets with a Christian theme may be displayed in a hutch or cabinet. China or porcelain dinnerware sets with an inspirational motif are often used on special occasions. Many pieces are inscribed with scripture or feature etchings of angels.

Unique Christian decor for the home often consists of religious-inspired furniture. Some examples are hand carved wood accent tables and chests that are inscribed with inspirational quotes. Christian furniture may become family heirloom pieces, as they are passed down through generations.

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    • Statues of religious figures are common in Christian decor.
      Statues of religious figures are common in Christian decor.