What Are Christian Affirmations?

Pablo Garcia

Christian affirmations are quotes, proverbs, and sayings used by adherents of the Christian faith to help them understand and follow the teachings of Christ in their daily lives. Affirmations can be on many subjects, including faith, patience, the nature of God’s grace, and Christian life. Sources for affirmations can come from the writings of clergy, Christian scholars, and the chapters of the books of the Bible, the sacred text of Christians.

Christian affirmations are designed to help members of the Christian faith understand and follow the teachings of Christ.
Christian affirmations are designed to help members of the Christian faith understand and follow the teachings of Christ.

Materials for Christian affirmations cover many questions and issues about Christian life. There are prepared materials on particular subjects that are available in both written and audio form. Online sites for Christians offer a variety of topics of importance to those of the Christian faith. They are organized under specific headings, such as piety, humility, holiness, and temptation. Some sites provide specific quotes of text from the New Testament books of the Bible, which deal primarily with the life, death and teachings of Christ.

Prayer is perhaps the most fundamental Christian affirmation.
Prayer is perhaps the most fundamental Christian affirmation.

Individual Christian churches are also sources for topics of Christian affirmations. Church clergy often provide members of the congregation with weekly Bible readings to reflect on important teachings of Christ and how to apply them in the modern world. A core belief of Christianity is that the Christian must be of the world but not in it, meaning that following Christ’s teachings takes precedence over material desires and necessities. In church worship, the sermon of a minister or the homily of a priest may direct the congregation to reflect on specific passages in the Bible.

There are many Christian publications such as Daily Bread and Guideposts that provide material for Christians to affirm their commitment to their faith. Such publications often contain inspirational stories by or about Christians. They deal with matters of faith and the challenges of living a Christian life.

An important theme of meditation is that of dealing with affliction and hardship. It involves reflection on how to reconcile human suffering with the Christian belief in God’s love and mercy. Part of Christian teaching is that earthly suffering and loss are part of God’s plan and must be accepted and understood. Suffering should become a basis for both humility and strength.

The most fundamental of Christian affirmations may be prayer. This represents an attempt to commune with and understand God. Prayer may consist of requests for spiritual guidance on specific problems, fears, or doubts. It can also be quiet reflection on the nature of God or the teachings of Christ. Many chapters in the Bible contain passages regarding the importance of prayer and its meaning and purpose.

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