What are the Different Types of Children's Boxing Gloves?

Patti Kate

Children's boxing gloves come in a wide array of styles, which generally vary in size according the child's age. Children's boxing gloves also will vary in weight and materials used. Bag boxing gloves are designed for added protection of the hands and knuckles and are generally lightweight. Aerobic boxing gloves are another style made for children. Boxing gloves for kids may be made with thick or thin padding, typically foam covered by leather or vinyl.

Man boxing
Man boxing

Kids of all ages may participate in the sport of boxing, therefore children's boxing gloves are available in sizes to fit children of various ages and sizes. Youth boxing gloves may also be known as training gloves. Many of the styles of children's boxing gloves will be intended for practicing with punching bags. Some types of children's boxing gloves are available as a set, complete with a child-sized punching bag.

Basically, children's boxing gloves are made of vinyl or leather. Vinyl is generally not as durable or long lasting as leather and tends to be less expensive. Most experts agree that leather boxing gloves are a better choice, especially for the older child. Most styles are made in bright red, although black is another commonly seen color.

Many styles of boxing gloves for kids are made with easy access Velcro® clasps. Some children's boxing gloves have snap-up fasteners or laces up the sides. Some styles also have zipper closures. Many are the slip-on variety of children's boxing gloves.

Children's competition boxing gloves are made for older children who compete in amateur athletic events and boxing matches. The padding of these gloves is reinforced around the fingers. This style of boxing glove will typically be constructed of all leather. Goat skin is a popular choice. Wrist straps are typically included with this type of glove.

Another type of boxing gloves for children would be the gel aerobic style. The materials used for these styles are generally vinyl and neoprene, although leather may be used as well. The gel insert in this type of boxing glove is made to absorb shock. Many of these styles are also machine washable.

Cardio boxing gloves for kids are similar to the bag glove design. These are lightweight, allowing for greater endurance. The cardio boxing glove is suitable for kickboxing as well. Cardio and aerobic boxing gloves come in styles for girls as well as boys, with only slight variations.

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