What Are the Different Types of Casserole Carriers?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky
Some casserole carriers can be purchased with matching oven mitts.
Some casserole carriers can be purchased with matching oven mitts.

Casserole carriers can be quite convenient in a number of situations. Whether attending a potluck dinner, throwing a tailgate party, or bringing food to a sick friend, a covered dish that is easy to carry will come in handy. There are many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Various materials can be used in creating different types of casserole carriers. Some cooks may wish to select more than one carrier in order to meet specific needs.

Casserole carriers are generally covered containers. Some have a type of silicone sling for carrying the dish, which slides underneath the container and has handles extending from both sides. Other styles have a silicone sheet to place under the dish and a fabric covering. Some casserole carriers come complete with a casserole dish and a lid, while others require a dish to be purchased separately.

There are thermal insulated styles as well that help keep food either hot or cold while transporting it from one location to another. There are also baskets or woven carriers that go beneath the dish. Basket styles may or may not have handles. This style is also attractive for serving and can be placed directly on a surface without a hot pad or trivet.

Most types of casserole carriers can help protect hands and surfaces from the heated dish. Many styles also come with other accessories such as coordinating serving utensils. Some may come in sets, offering various sizes and shapes from which to choose. Casserole dishes can be round, square, or rectangular, so it makes sense that carriers are also available in various shapes.

Casserole carriers can make great gifts for those who love to cook, entertain, or come bearing food when invited to an event. Carriers can be made from different types of fabrics and other materials, so they are available in many different colors as well as solids and prints. When giving a gift, one might wish to choose their favorite cook’s preferred color or choose a color or pattern that goes well with the cook’s other cookware. These gifts can also be personalized.

Some creative people even make homemade casserole carriers. These containers are popular items for homemade Christmas gift lists and various craft sites and magazines. Handmade casserole carriers often come with matching oven mitts or pot holders. Such gifts are fairly simple as well as affordable to make.

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    • Some casserole carriers can be purchased with matching oven mitts.
      By: itestro
      Some casserole carriers can be purchased with matching oven mitts.