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What Are the Different Types of Boys' Haircuts?

Whitney Leigh White
Whitney Leigh White

Although some people believe that there is a limited number of haircuts that boys can obtain, this is not true. There actually are a large number of boys' haircuts. These haircut styles are very versatile, enabling a boy to wear his cut for different types of events. Among these events are going to see grandparents, playing sports, going to a formal occasion such as a wedding, going to school, taking pictures and much more. Popular haircut styles can change over time, and in 2011, the most popular types of boys’ haircuts included side-swept styles, spiked styles and comb-down styles.

For those boys desiring a classy hairstyle, haircuts that can be side-swept are often the most favorable. With this type of haircut, a boy will have his hair left somewhat longer on one side. The longer pieces of hair are swept to one side of the boy’s head. This type of hairstyle is often preferred when a boy is attending formal occasions or events. A side-swept hairstyle generally takes more time to style than other types of hairstyles.

A comb-down haircut simply falls down the boy’s forehead and over his ears.
A comb-down haircut simply falls down the boy’s forehead and over his ears.

Many boys prefer to have a spiked hairstyle. This type of hairstyle enables a boy to show personality through his hair while not having a haircut that appears out of control. An easy way to spike a boy’s hair is to use gel on the top of the boy’s head. Sometimes a boy will even prefer to spike his bangs. Almost any length of hair can be spiked to some degree, but if the hair is left un-spiked, it still can be suitable to wear to certain occasions or events.

One of the longer haircuts worn by boys is the comb-down hairstyle. Most boys who have this type of cut do not part their hair, and the hair simply falls down the boy’s forehead and over his ears. A boy with this type of haircut will most times prefer for his hair to be cut right above his eyebrows, because this allows for the hair to not fall into his eyes. Many times, parents will prefer for their toddler to have this type of hairstyle, but as the child gets older, the haircut often times becomes less preferred.

Different types of boys' haircuts fit different types of personalities. Many boys will find certain types of boys' haircuts work better with different types of lifestyles. If less maintenance is preferred, then a simple cut should be obtained. Many times, a boy will want a longer haircut during the winter and then a shorter haircut during the summer.

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I work in a chain salon and I have to say that little boys haircuts are the worst to give. They are usually squirmy, fussy and want the experience to be over with as fast as possible.


My son has short curly hair and I cut it myself. I really just pull it straight and cut a few inches off. He is only 5 so I am not worried about him having some sleek, cool professional cut.

I cannot understand parents who spend huge amounts of money trying to dress their kids as adults. They have the whole rest of their lives to worry about the way that they look. Why not let them just enjoy the freedom from vanity that comes with being a child?


Right now my son has a mohawk. He saw one on TV and decided that it was the coolest thing he had ever seen and now he spikes it up every morning.

I would not normally let him do something like this but I am hoping that if he does it when he is young and relatively free he will get it out of his system before he has some real responsibilities in life.

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    • A comb-down haircut simply falls down the boy’s forehead and over his ears.
      By: Sabphoto
      A comb-down haircut simply falls down the boy’s forehead and over his ears.