What Are the Different Types of Baby Food with Meat?

Amber Eberle

As an infant grows, he must transition from being fed only breast milk or baby formula to consuming solid foods. The first solids introduced are typically fruit and vegetable purees, but by the time an infant reaches seven to eight months of age, he is generally ready to eat baby food with meat. An infant can be fed a variety of meats, and this type of baby food can either be made at home from scratch, or purchased in a supermarket. Babies can eat food made with poultry, beef, and pork. Baby food with meat can also be combined with fruits, vegetables, rice, or pasta, for a fully balanced meal.

Pureeing meat in a blender is one way to introduce a baby to meat.
Pureeing meat in a blender is one way to introduce a baby to meat.

The first type of baby food with meat served is usually a puree. Meat can be cooked at home and then chopped up and blended into a paste. Water can be added, and the mixture can be blended until a smooth consistency is achieved. As a baby grows, older he will be able to chew and eat meat that has more texture. These more advanced types of baby food with meat may contain protein that is finely chopped, but still has a distinct texture.

Green peas are one of the first solid vegetables given to babies.
Green peas are one of the first solid vegetables given to babies.

Poultry is typically one of the first types of meat that an infant tastes. Chicken or turkey generally has a mild flavor that will not overwhelm a baby just becoming accustomed to a new kind of food. Other types of proteins, such as beef and pork, can be introduced after a baby has become comfortable eating poultry.

In order to give an infant food with extra nutrients and taste, baby food with meat may consist of a combination of protein and fruits or vegetables. Common combinations include chicken with apples or sweet potatoes, and beef with green peas. These types of foods are usually blended until they are mostly smooth in texture.

After a baby masters eating purees and smooth types of baby food with meat, chunkier versions are usually introduced. These infant dishes may include meat stews, meat with rice and gravy, or meat, vegetables, and cooked pasta. Popular recipes include pork with gravy and vegetables, chicken and rice, or beef with carrots, peas, and pasta.

A baby that has at least two front teeth on both the top and bottom in his mouth can generally begin eating most meats with his family at mealtimes. At this stage, these proteins should be cooked until soft and cut up very finely into small pieces. Most babies at this age are not adept at using a fork, so they may eat the meat with their fingers.

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