What Are the Different Types of Autumn Decor?

Gregory Hanson
Gregory Hanson
Scarecrows are a popular outdoor decor option.
Scarecrows are a popular outdoor decor option.

Autumn decor comes in many different varieties and can include items ranging from seasonal garlands to life-size scarecrows. One key element of autumn decor is the color scheme, which is typically tilted toward earthy reds, browns, and yellows to coordinate with the autumn colors of a deciduous forest. Objects and produce associated with the fall harvest are often part of this style of decorating. Several major holidays occur during autumn, and the decorations for these holidays often form part of a larger decorating strategy.

Indian corn, or flint corn, is often used as an autumn-themed decoration.
Indian corn, or flint corn, is often used as an autumn-themed decoration.

One simple way to decorate for the fall season is to make use of the autumnal colors. A few accent pieces in reddish earth tones can be added to other home furnishings to add a seasonal accent. Tablecloths, sheets, and pillows in these colors are all inexpensive ways to add autumn decor to a room.

Fall is the harvest season, and some agricultural products are common additions to autumn decorating schemes. Decorative gourds are inexpensive and can bring a touch of fall color to any interior space. Indian corn is vibrant and colorful and is often used in hanging fall decorations or in centerpieces or accent pieces to be placed on tables or sideboards.

Fallen leaves are a popular type of autumn decor.
Fallen leaves are a popular type of autumn decor.

Bare branches and fallen leaves are also common elements in autumn decor. A wreath may easily be woven from twigs and branches and decorated with fresh fall leaves to add a touch of autumn to any room. Wreaths or other small hanging fall garlands make excellent wall decor on a modest budget. Similarly, leaves, twigs, branches, and other fall vegetation can be woven together to form larger decorative structures for indoor or outdoor use.

Fall is also a season of holidays in many nations, and the symbols associated with those holidays often form a major component of autumn decor. The United States celebrates the holiday of Thanksgiving in November. This holiday is associated with turkeys, Indian corn, and other symbols of early American life and agriculture. The agricultural products that are associated with this holiday have become a standard part of American autumn decor.

Halloween is another fall holiday with great decorating potential. Most homeowners will not rely on spooky holiday decorations throughout the entire fall season, but some elements of Halloween decor do serve nicely for general fall decorating, however. Jack-o-lanterns, black cats, scarecrows, and perhaps even a discreet ghost or two can be used to create unique decor that blends seasonal and holiday themes.

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I'm not a big fan of Halloween, so I can do without the spooky decorations. What I love is when people change out their Halloween decorations for some that are simply autumnal.

The same people who put out the black cats and ghouls usually change them out with friendly scarecrows and pumpkins on November 1. I've even seen some people get creative with bales of hay.

One of my neighbors spray-painted the front of a huge hay bale orange and stuck a fake green stem and vine in the top of it. I thought this was a pretty nifty idea.


Though I'm sad to see summer go, I do love fall décor. There is something warm and cheery about seeing all the orange, yellow, and brick red decorations in homes and businesses.

The lady in charge of decorating our church puts out fall decorations. She drapes an orange cloth across the podium, and she really goes all out in the foyer. She fills a giant vase with tree branches that have orange and red leaves still clinging to them, and she changes them out as the leaves fall.

She also puts burnt orange tablecloths in the fellowship hall. She lines the center of the tables with gourds, which really adds a festive autumnal touch to our Sunday lunch in October.


@cloudel – I also love miniature pumpkins, and I decorate my desk at work with them in October and November. I like to mix in a few gourds and pieces of Indian corn.

I usually buy a few small orange pumpkins, along with a couple of white ones that are called “ghost pumpkins.” I can find green and yellow striped gourds about the same size, and they have an interesting knotty texture.

I take a few dehydrated corn husks and place them on a serving tray. Then, I arrange the pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn on top of them. My coworkers tell me that I have the most autumnal desk they have ever seen.


Autumn is my favorite season, and I have so much fun decorating my house and yard during that time of the year. I absolutely adore pumpkins, and I make good use of them in my décor.

Outside, I like to pile different sizes and shapes of pumpkins in front of my garden. Then, I put my potted chrysanthemums around them. I have several plants, and the colors of the blooms are yellow, dark red, orange, and purple.

Inside, I create a centerpiece using miniature pumpkins. I can get a bagful of them at my grocery store in the produce section in the fall. I pile them in an oblong basket in the middle of my dining room table.

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    • Scarecrows are a popular outdoor decor option.
      By: Cheryl Davis
      Scarecrows are a popular outdoor decor option.
    • Indian corn, or flint corn, is often used as an autumn-themed decoration.
      By: 22 North Gallery
      Indian corn, or flint corn, is often used as an autumn-themed decoration.
    • Fallen leaves are a popular type of autumn decor.
      By: Patrizia Tilly
      Fallen leaves are a popular type of autumn decor.